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We know it’s incredibly tough to keep up with all of the changes affecting HR. That’s why we write Modern Employer. Our blog is a great resource for HR news, information and advice. Our goal is to give you insight and direction so your organization can stay one step ahead.

THE MORNING CALL: myHR Partner offers expert commentary on last-minute court block of overtime rule change

Posted on: November 28th, 2016 | Category: Government Regulatory & Compliance Issues, News & Media, Our Blog

myHR Partner President Tina Hamilton, PHR weighed in as one of several experts commenting in an article in The Morning Call on last Tuesday’s last-minute injunction by a U.S. District Court in the Eastern District of Texas of the Department of Labor‘s (DOL) overtime rule changes. These changes were set to go into effect this…

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HOTLINE SERVICES: They’re good for employers…and academic administrations too!

Posted on: November 17th, 2016 | Category: Employee Hotline Services, Government Regulatory & Compliance Issues, myLink Hotline Services, Our Blog

myLink hotline services for academia and business | myHR Blog

Did you know that one of the really fun things we get to do here at myHR Blog is read articles about Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announcements? #thatwassarcasm Seriously though, we love our readers and so we do keep up to date on important issues. Especially when it helps demonstrate the value of a…

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FLSA Regulations 21 Days Away Despite Attempts to Delay

Posted on: November 10th, 2016 | Category: Government Regulatory & Compliance Issues, Human Resources, Our Blog, Payroll/Benefits

T minus 21 days, folks.   That’s just three weeks until the rule changes set by the United States Department of Labor (DOL) in its final rule updating the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) overtime regulations go into effect. This is despite attempts at the end of September to delay the start with a bill…

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Employee Appreciation Ideas: Encourage Employee Feedback

Posted on: October 27th, 2016 | Category: Employee Relations, Human Resources, Our Blog, Talent Management

We here at myHR Partner are ever vigilant for stories about companies that are rocking their employee appreciation programs. For example, we love to hear about those employers who slay it on Employee Appreciation Day. (FYI: It’s going to be Friday, March 3 in 2017. Mark your calendars, folks!) In this post, however, we want…

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Medical Marijuana Employment: What you Should Know

Posted on: October 17th, 2016 | Category: Employee Handbooks, Government Regulatory & Compliance Issues, Our Blog

Last Thursday, our president Tina Hamilton, PHR, was an expert panelist at the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce 2016 Annual Healthcare Summit at DeSales University. She was asked to participate in a symposium on what employers need to know about medical marijuana in the workplace. Employees who use it are a new protected class…

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BambooHR Human Resource Information System Partnership

Posted on: October 6th, 2016 | Category: hiring process, Human Resources, myHR DirectLink, Our Blog

We’ve got big news! OK, not like first-moon-landing or woman-invents-sliced-bread big news, but it is a big deal—especially if you have a workforce to manage and a business to run, but only 24 hours in a day. You see, we’re augmenting our revolutionary myHR DirectLink outsourcing services with BambooHR human resources information system (HRIS) software…

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FLSA Changes Delayed Through June 2017

Posted on: October 4th, 2016 | Category: Government Regulatory & Compliance Issues, Our Blog

On September 28, 2016, the House of Representatives passed a bill that would delay by six months the effective date of the United States Department of Labor‘s (DOL’s) new FLSA overtime regulations, reports the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM). The move came after small businesses argued that the original deadline of December 1, 2016…

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Will a new bill to prohibit asking about salary history hurt companies and job candidates?

Posted on: September 29th, 2016 | Category: Government Regulatory & Compliance Issues, Hiring Methodology, hiring process, HR Documentation, HR Training Programs, Interviews, Our Blog, Our Workplace

In mid September, a bill was introduced to Congress that is meant to combat pay inequality facing women and minorities. SHRM Online reported that the Pay Equity for All Act of 2016 (H.R. 6030) would allow the U.S. Department of Labor to assess huge fines against employers who violate the law by asking questions about…

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