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FAST COMPANY MAGAZINE: myHR Partner offers solutions for workplace summer slump

Posted on: July 13th, 2016 | Category: News & Media, Our Blog

myHR Partner profiled by Fast Company MagazinemyHR Partner and our president, Tina Hamilton, PHR, are back in the news today with a great interview in a  Fast Company Magazine online article entitled “These Six Companies Are Tackling The Summer Slump In Unique Ways” by writer Stephanie Vozza.

The article profiled six companies from all across the country that have found creative and effective ways to reduce the traditional dip in employee productivity that so many organizations deal with during the summer months.

From the article:

When the sun is shining and the temperatures rise, the last place many of us want to be is inside an office working. That’s why productivity drops and absenteeism rises during summer months, according to a recent study. Tina Hamilton, president of the human resources outsourcing firm myHR Partner calls it “summer slacker syndrome.”


“It doesn’t matter if a company is in its busy or slow time, employees are going on vacation or doing vacation-type things during the weekend,” she says, adding that it can be especially challenging for those in the North or Midwest, where summer is a short 12-week window. “It’s hard to come back and get into a fast-paced environment.”


Instead of fighting the season, Hamilton says it’s better to embrace it. “You can’t change people’s feelings and emotions about wanting to be outside in summer,” she says. “It’s better to go with it, and do what you can to expose them to a little bit of summer fun. It can help them focus when it’s time to work.”

To read the whole article, click here.

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