Professional, yet high-touch, HR services
for your foundation.

HR Outsourcing for Private Foundations

Customized HR services for your culture

Private foundations often operate with a limited staff yet have immense responsibility for stewarding funds for their benefactor. Many foundations trace their origins to a very successful business enterprise. As a result, they have high professional expectations – but desire to stay lean from an organizational standpoint.

HR outsourcing is a perfect solution. We can provide sophisticated, concierge-level HR services with all the expertise of a corporate HR department – but with a high-touch approach ideal for a foundation’s close-knit team. Our highly credentialed HR staff will support your team and make sure all services are customized to fit your culture.

We handle all of the HR details and even think ahead for you. We want your foundation to have everything it needs to be compliant and successful.

We have helped numerous private foundations manage their HR operations effectively. As your HR partner, we understand your unique needs and will bring specific expertise and best practices to the table.

Our myHR DirectLink services provide hands-on HR outsourcing when you need the support of a dedicated team. Or we can support your own team by managing one or more HR processes through our HR A La Carte service. And we can expertly handle specific one-off or recurring HR projects as part of our ongoing relationship with you.

Our team of experts is ready to help your private foundation today. Call or email us for a chat. No pushy sales people here. We may even share some ideas that can help you with your issues! We hope to hear from you.

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