We help you scale without adding HR staff.

Mid-Size Company HR Outsourcing

Mid-sized companies are incredibly attractive to the workforce because they often offer the best of both worlds: the flexibility of a smaller business and some of the rich benefits and growth opportunities of a larger organization.

This also presents special challenges, such as the changes associated with growing from a small business to a mid-sized one. Often, people within the company are not prepared or skilled or even qualified to handle those changes. (After all, the larger a company gets, the more complicated the issues can become.)

Then there is the quandary of not being big enough to justify the costs of having a large, multi-skilled HR department, yet not being small enough to get by without having reliable human resources help in certain areas.

This is exactly where myHR Partner fits in. Our services for mid-sized organizations are meant to do exactly what you need, nothing less. We blend your organization’s cultural needs with your specific HR requirements to make you whole. We do it within your parameters. We provide the expertise and services that don’t make sense to have on your full-time payroll. And we can supplement any HR team you have and help you scale without adding staff.

In other words, our agenda is your agenda.

To truly “get it”, we encourage you to contact us and hear what we have to say. Call or email us for a chat. No pushy sales people here. We may even share some ideas that can help you with your issues! We hope to hear from you.

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myHR Partner’s periodic publication, MODERN EMPLOYER, is created for business executives, owners and HR professionals who want to maximize their human resource functions using progressive hiring and HR strategies. It’s informative, fun and practical. Oh, and it’s FREE too!

You’ll discover:

  • Tips on hiring, screening, and interviewing
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  • Ways to put the “human” back in Human Resources
  • How to perform effective reference checks
  • New HR regulations and how they affect you and your employees
  • How small changes in certain processes can have big results
  • How to tell when partnering with an outside provider is in your best interest
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