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See…We Weren’t Kidding About Exit Interviews!

Posted on: May 25th, 2011 | Category: Exit Interviews, HR Support & Project Work, Human Resources, myHR Blog

Remember back in January when we blogged about the importance of conducting good, strategic exit interviews? Well, the folks over at HRHero are obviously of like mind. They recently posted their own piece on the subject called “Exit Interviews: An Underused Tool for Protecting Your Company”, and we think it’s an excellent read.

One great point that the article makes is about how companies are forced to do more with less resources during challenging times like these,  although they are still faced with the very real risk of employment litigation. This makes the exit interview an even more useful as an effective and inexpensive way to uncover problems that need to be addressed before they lead to costly lawsuits.

According to hireVision’s president and CEO Tina Hamilton, monthly, quarterly and/or annual reports on the information gathered during exit interviews provides significant and fairly indisputable data about repeated issues in a department or company. Smart employers can respond to this kind of valuable data to increase their company’s effectiveness and efficiency. “This is your chance to improve your company’s culture and give your best talent reasons to stay beyond just the salary and benefits,” says Hamilton. ” That’s a big payoff for the time and effort spent on properly interviewing exiting employees.”

Not sure if your company’s exit interviewing procedures are fruitful? Want to learn more about hireVision’s HR Partnering Services, including our customized exit interview process? Contact us today for an honest discussion on exit interviews and other talent management issues. We can help!