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The recruitment process you need
doesn't come one-size-fits-all.

Creation/Management of Recruitment Process

Once in place, a solid recruiting process will pay for itself!

Effective recruiting processes will result in improved efficiencies, more effective and legally compliant hiring processes, an ability to benchmark recruiting efforts and a true focus on the needs of the job and the organization.

If you have a process that needs refreshing, or if you have been winging it, we can create a solution that works best for your company’s needs, and one that sets a top-notch recruiting standard for years to come.

One size does not fit all, and as such, we customize programs for organizations of all sizes.

Small Business (2-99 employees)

Based on your expected need to increase or replace headcount, we will create a program that gives you a documented system. This way, when the need for a new hire comes up, the hiring process can fall into place collaboratively and systematically. And if your designated hiring managers change, you won’t have to worry, because the system is clearly and precisely documented to make training a replacement a smoother transition.

Mid-size Company (100-499 employees)

We look at your current processes and enhance or replace recruitment systems that work best in your organization. As a mid-sized organization, change can occur both rapidly and consistently, so a system that works for each job description is often the best solution. A diverse set of candidate sourcing options, including those involving social media, will be explored and set up as part of your customized process. Depending on your turnover rate, we may set up candidate pipelining systems for a consistent flow of applicants. Our sourcing strategies and systematic processes will help to keep your applicant funnel filled.

Large Corporation (500+ employees)

We work together with you to identify current processes and in-house talent, so that we can assess and recommend the most streamlined approach. We learn of any possible redundancies or tools that need to be assessed or upgraded. Based on initial and ongoing analysis, we may identify outsourced partners to assist in the process. We measure the effectiveness and efficiencies of current vendor partners. All areas of your recruitment program that need attention are reviewed, including: relocation programs, social media efforts, applicant tracking systems, job offer/negotiation processes and more. The end result is a recruitment process that is consistently creating benchmarks to assure a more cost-effective, time-efficient, systematic and professional approach to talent acquisition.

Academic Institutions (any size or type)

The recruiting process in academic institutions can be complex and even confusing. Between committees, contracts, union requirements, administrative goals and executive focus, change often does not come swiftly. Additionally, a lack of change within an institution can often hinder an otherwise highly efficient and effective hiring process. Many institutions have overcome such obstacles, but some have not. Either way, we have you covered.

By analyzing current systems along with your cultural environment, we present solutions that make sense for your institution. Sometimes even the smallest of changes can make a big difference. And in some cases, complete process overhauls and a fresh talent perspective may be the answer. With our ability to truly understand and “get inside” your unique environment, we earn your trust and create a partnership that results in the right recruitment solution.

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