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Why Outsource?

Today’s modern employers need to be free to strategize and focus on running their businesses. But all too often, HR issues sidetrack them.

A distracted employer can’t give his or her company the focus that’s needed. Important functions are given a rush job or are left undone. The end result often requires lots of additional time to fix things in order to make things run smoothly again. This is a very wasteful and vicious cycle.

Companies with HR staff also share in this issue. Often, these departments are overwhelmed with work to begin with, and when additional tasks come up that take them away from their core competencies, the wasteful and vicious cycle kicks into high gear.

On top of this, many established businesses have outdated or broken hiring and HR processes, yet “people” remain one of their top priorities—keeping them productive, keeping them happy, or just keeping them, period!

Not having the modern and effective HR presence your company needs can result in:

  • Overburdened managers and/or HR handling too many critical HR tasks
  • Employee relations left unattended to
  • Communications problems
  • Lack of proper attention to training needs
  • Risk of not being up to date on compliance, or not recognizing violations as they occur
  • A broken or non-existent hiring process
  • Employee morale/engagement issues
  • Unnecessary employee turnover—or the need for employee turnover
  • Performance not being managed properly

All of these things affect your top and bottom line

Like everything else in your company, your people need attention, support, and maintenance. Even more so, because these are human beings that have a choice as to how engaged they are, how conscientiously they will perform and for whom they will work.

Outsourcing allows organizations of any size to gain vast resources for a relatively small investment. And not only are they getting the expertise of educated HR professionals, with the right partners, they also do not have to spend time managing them.

Speaking of the right partner…

Often organizations disguise themselves as “HR companies” as a means to promote their core services, when they are actually not total human resources providers. These types of companies do not typically offer the hands-on, team approach offered through myHR Partner.

HR Consultants
What They Do

HR consultants offer instruction and/or consultation, and you do the work. Typically, you are reliant on one person as your consultant and are invoiced one hourly rate.

What myHR Partner Does

You are assigned a team of HR professionals to perform the work for you. You will save significant costs since you only pay for the level of service needed and received. As a company, we stay on top of the latest HR processes and trends, and you always have our backup support. Since we also operate as a business ourselves, we offer solid business acumen in conjunction with your HR support.

How You Benefit

The work is completed for you, and systems are put in place. We become a part of your organization versus an outside third-party.

Benefits/Payroll Providers
What They Do

These types of providers perform your benefits or payroll with some basic HR tools, a hotline or consultations. They do not offer the hands-on services to manage internal payroll and benefits administration or other HR services.

What myHR Partner Does

We manage and perform the internal administration functions that are never provided by your benefits/payroll providers. It is a common misunderstanding that payroll and benefits are what encompass HR and yet as you can see from our services, it is so much more! (We do partner with some providers to offer a full solution.)

How You Benefit

myHR Partner can handle all or part of your HR processes, giving you a complete HR offering.

PEO (Professional Employer Organization)
What They Do

The PEO transitions your staff to become their employees who are then leased back to you. You become co-employers and now manage your employees together. You maintain the same risks and you continue to handle employee relations. The PEO alleviates the need to manage HR administration, benefits, payroll, etc. You pay one fee, which includes employee benefits and insurances. These are purchased by the PEO as one company, so claims made by all companies under the PEO are bulked together, increasing costs. You pay the provider based on salaries. The more your employees earn, the more you pay.

What myHR Partner Does

You maintain complete control of your employees and the culture that drew your employees to you in the first place. We can support not some, but rather all of your HR functions should you choose, in way that blends with your culture. And, you pay us only for the work we do. We can manage all of your vendors saving you significantly by offering total flexibility.

How You Benefit

myHR Partner blends into your company, and we do not remove your employees from the equation. We work into your culture and support your workforce in this manner. We perform much more hands-on work, for much less of an investment. Your employees came to work for you, not someone else. Let us help you keep it this way.

Staffing Services or Recruiters/Headhunters
What They Do

Staffing Services and recruiters search for candidates and make placements. In most cases, they are compensated only when they make a placement.

What myHR Partner Does

We work on your side of the desk, and are compensated only for the work we perform, versus, a placement. Our focus is on deeply understanding your internal needs, and then developing and performing a hiring process that will identify the right candidates.

How You Benefit

You receive a much more comprehensive, measurable and repeatable process that can identify benchmarks for future hires. Our focus is only on your best interest. Our services are at a lower cost, ranging from 45% -75% less than an external recruiter, as a result of being compensated for the work we do versus compensated for a placement.

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