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How to Efficiently Streamline Your HR Recruitment Process

Posted on: October 13th, 2016 | Category: hiring process, How To Hire Good Employees, Our Blog

The hiring process is expensive. There’s no way to deny it. Just last year, Time reported the that the overall increase in time the hiring process takes has contributed to the rising costs. This news certainly is sobering for employers, although it’s not surprising.

From the Time article:

Not that long ago, most job openings were filled based on a resume, cover letter, and a half-hour interview or two with a boss. That process is dramatically lengthening: It may start with a work-sample assignment to be included with the job application, and three to five rounds of interviews, often including an all-day run through a gauntlet of interrogators, followed by a thorough background check to verify reported information, identify criminal record, etc. The process can take months.

The lengthening is due, in part, to the increased costs of employing an American: in addition to the Affordable Care Act, there are increases in the costs of Workers Compensation, Americans with Disabilities Act, EEOC, Medicare, Social Security, and Family Leave Act (paid leave in some states), and expanded employee rights to file grievances against employers.


And yet, with so much at stake, streamlining the recruitment process may seem risky.

serenity now hiring process myhr partnerTina Hamilton, PHR, myHR Partner president and a hiring outsourcing entrepreneur who has been tapped by as an expert on minimizing the costs and time it takes to hire, says that there are a several simple ways to streamline the recruitment processes without potentially missing quality candidates. When it comes to the area of telephone interviews, she offers this sound advice:

Try streamlining your high-volume phone interviews by asking the questions in order of importance.

That way, you can end the call if it becomes apparent that the candidate doesn’t qualify for your position within a few minutes. Time saved is money saved. And besides, why waste everyone’s time and energy for a fit that isn’t there?

Too many organizations waste time managing antiquated systems that focus more on how the process is done than on why it’s done, Hamilton adds. “At myHR Partner, we provide the systems and back-end support to allow hiring managers and employers to concentrate what they do best during the course of the process, which is the actual hiring part.”

How efficient is your pre-hiring process?

Streamlining and honing your talent search starts with a solid and focused pre-hiring process. We are an integrated (but outsourced) recruitment partner. We handle all of your time-consuming pre-hire processes so that you can focus on selecting the right candidates to fit your company’s needs.We are not headhunters, nor are we a staffing service. We are not a call center either. We do not manage a preexisting database of candidates, nor do we guarantee a hire. We also do not charge a placement fee.

Instead, our staff of trained and skilled HR professionals use a blend of current, measured and customized processes to help you find the best possible candidates. We are compensated only for the work we do: writing ads, receiving and screening resumes, creating and conducting phone interviews and more. We handle the tedious (but important) work so you can focus on hiring the best people.

Learn more about how our Hiring Management Services can streamline your recruitment process today.

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