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On our 15th anniversary, we reflect on how times have changed in HR outsourcing

Posted on: August 10th, 2017 | Category: Applicant Attraction, Human Resources, MODERN EMPLOYER, myHR DirectLink, Our Blog

It’s our quinceañera…sort of! We’ve been delivering modern outsourced HR services to businesses across the country for 15 years. We have grown from a workforce of two focused on hiring process management to a team of 15 HR professionals handling a wide array of human resources support and services.

We don’t need to tell you that a lot has changed since 2002. Take for instance, cell phones:

15 years hr outsourcing

And let’s also take a look at the most-watched TV shows:

15th anniversary hr outsourcing

And of course, there’s the transformation of The Biebs: 

15th anniversary outsourced HR

(NOTE TO JUSTIN BIEBER: Now that you have been name-dropped on an HR blog, expect big things. You’re welcome. —ed.):

myHR Partner’s journey has been nothing short of amazing

myHR Partner summer picnic 2017

Team myHR Partner at our 2017 summer picnic

See how much can happen in 15 years? myHR Partner has been blessed to be able to work with a phenomenal collection of clients and vendors. We’ve also been blessed with unprecedented business success as we have advanced our mission to bring modern human resources to companies here in the Lehigh Valley and across the country.

The hireVision Group days

Our intrepid boss back in our hireVision Group days. (circa 2002)

It all started with a revolutionary vision of how small and mid-sized businesses could improve their hiring process to compete better for talent. “When I started the company in 2002, we were a team of two out to provide outsourced hiring management services for companies who needed a real partner in their hiring process. Soon into it, we saw problems that went beyond great hiring—issues with their HR processes overall.” says Tina Hamilton, PHR, myHR Partner president and founder. “We responded swiftly by adding additional  à la Carte HR services. The more we offered, the more our clients desired. It became apparent that what was needed was a fuller, more integrated and hands-on service.”

­­­­By 2007, the company had rolled out HR DirectLink (now called myHR Directlink), a fully integrated HR service provided by teams of HR staff that is hands-on, scalable and works for any size business in need of HR. “While hiring was still a part of what we do, it was no longer all we did,” says Hamilton. “And so, in 2013 it was time to rebrand with a company name that more closely identified with who we are.”



The myHR Partner way

Tina I Hamilton myHR Partner 2015 Women of Influence Award winner

President Tina Hamilton and VP Kelly Coblentz at the Lehigh Valley Business 2015 Women of Influence Award Ceremony—which Tina won!

“Today, employers must care about attracting and retaining good talent. Mediocre employee performance is simply not good enough. Holding on to poorly performing employees is a thing of the past,” says Hamilton. “At the same time, as the economy improves, employees have choices—actually, great employees have always had choices. And, if you are not stepping it up for them, supporting, training, communicating with and compensating them, it’s only a few clicks away to a new job.” In addition, thanks to social media, jobs are actually coming to them without them even looking around.

Beyond employee retention and attracting top talent, the role of HR has grown tremendously over the last decade. What started as secretaries in personnel departments has evolved to its own body of knowledge, with its own certifications and professional degrees. The laws are changing faster in the past few years than they did in the last 50 years. HR is no longer an option for companies that want to be serious. HR has a seat at the C-level executive table, with titles such as Chief People Officer. Organizations that disregard the human element of their operations do so at their own peril. “We are also committed to staying current on the latest trends,” says Hamilton. “Our clients are well established and successful, and our goal is to help support their success.”

Applicant Attraction: Taking recruiting to the next level in 2017

Tina Hamilton myHR Partner WSJ

That time when Prez Tina was tapped as an expert by the WSJ

Once again, we are on the frontline of hiring with a strategic and modern service we call Applicant Attraction. It focuses on developing and maintaining an effective employer brand that convinces top talent to seek a position with your company.

This is a powerful recruitment tool that organizations need. That’s because it’s not a matter of if applicants will check out your organization’s reputation and brand. It’s a matter of what they see when they do.

Interested in our upcoming fall Applicant Attraction webinar? We’ll notify you when details are announced.

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