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1998 called. They want their recruiting program back.

Posted on: January 11th, 2018 | Category: Applicant Attraction, Hiring Methodology, hiring process, How To Hire Good Employees, Our Blog

recruiting programTwo decades ago, recruiting looked a lot different. When a position needed to be filled, most employers placed advertisements in (print!) newspapers. A few “online” ads were placed, but the platforms were limited. A few big corporations used computer programs to catalog information (on floppy disks!), but for the most part, the internet had not yet become the resource we rely on today. Applicants mailed in resumes (using stamps!) and hoped for a call.

Once job offers were accepted and the positions filled, employers usually shelved that task for another day. For many small and mid-sized companies, recruiting was strictly done on a sporadic, as-needed basis.

My, how times have changed

Attracting the talent you need in 2018 is a whole different ball game than it was 20 years ago. Job boards like CareerBuilder and Monster have changed the game significantly. They make it simple to find out not just about positions, but about the companies advertising them. With websites like Indeed and Glassdoor, and the ability to target applicants on social media sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook, the way we now approach talent acquisition and hiring has fundamentally changed.

Candidates today can be more selective today, and the top-most talent you are looking for are sitting squarely in the driver’s seat. Employers are now putting much more focus on strategic, long-term hiring processes, and on fostering a positive company culture and reputation. They really don’t have much of a choice in the matter if they want to stay competitive.

Modern recruiting is a continuous processes

“If you are smart, your hiring process and recruiting efforts never really stop,” says Tina Hamilton, PHR, president and CEO of myHR Partner. “Today’s companies need every edge they can get when it comes to hiring, and while the need to get the best talent possible has always been a priority for employers, today’s hiring environment comes with unique challenges.”

Those challenges include:

  • The avalanche of out-of-work applicants throwing their hat into the ring for every job opening in search of full-time work
  • Frustrating skill gaps
  • Inflated resumes that take time to decrypt and verify
  • Applicant tracking system technology shifts, changes and management issues
  • Ever-changing government regulations about what can and cannot be asked of or done with job candidates
  • Steep competition from other companies for the best talent
  • The huge costs associated with bad hires

Having an ongoing, managed hiring program in place will give your company a consistent edge over other organizations when the need to hire arises throughout the year. “If you’re waiting until after you know a specific position is opening up to start trying attract quality candidates to apply at your company, you’re going to be too late,” says Hamilton.

Your hiring program cannot wait any longer to modernize

“In the past year, we have seen a real uptick in companies engaging myHR Partner in the continuous management of their hiring processes and platforms,” says Hamilton. “Continuous recruiting programs via an outsourcing partnership enable you to focus on your core responsibilities of running your business, saving time and avoiding costly hiring mistakes.”

Some established small and midsized businesses might see having professional HR support as a luxury, but without it today’s hiring climate can cost companies dearly. Bad hires, missed talent acquisitions, positions left unfilled for too long, legal issues and increased employee turnover can ruin an organization’s productivity and profitability.

An outsourced partnership can help with:

  • Providing applicants and new-hires with a positive first impression of your company brand and culture to a future hire or referral for your company
  • Finding new opportunities to market the employer brand to potential future applicants and to in-demand talent pools
  • Clearly defining company culture and making sure that applicants are aware of it
  • Handling employee relations issues professionally and properly to boost your organization’s brand as a great place to work

Outsourced HR and the modern world of hiring

“myHR Partner is on the forefront of this hiring revolution with a strategic and modern service we call Applicant Attraction and our integrated hiring and pre-hiring process management services,” says Hamilton. “We focus on developing and maintaining an effective employer brand that convinces top talent to seek a position with your company. This is a powerful recruitment tool that organizations need, because it’s not a matter of if applicants will check out your organization’s reputation and brand. It’s a matter of what they see when they do.”

We are not headhunters or recruiters, nor are we a staffing service, and we do not charge a placement fee. Our team of highly skilled HR professionals will help you build your company’s hiring process, from developing an long-term hiring strategy to writing ads, from receiving and screening resumes to creating and conducting phone interviews, from background and reference checks to job fairs—what ever you need.

Contact us via email or call us at 610-443-0119 to find our more.

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