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A Poor Pre-Hire Process Promotes Problems (Try Saying That 10 Times Fast!)

Posted on: October 4th, 2011 | Category: DirectView, Hiring Methodology, hiring process, Our Blog

Everybody agrees the company needs to fill that position ASAP. Everybody agrees that hiring the right person is critical. Nobody questions the job description or salary and benefits package or even the timetable for hiring a new employee. Great! You are all set for hiring success. Let’s go to lunch.

Or not.

An effective pre-hiring process is way more than most business owners and managers think it is, and an important step to avoiding an expensive, detrimental poor hiring decision. It also involves a bit of real introspection on the part of management as to what they expect from the position. Screening applicants based on the skills needed by the job and not by other mitigating factors can be tough, especially if you are a direct manager also considering employees you deal with everyday and have relationships with.

We ran across a recent article at by R. Wendell Williams, Ph.D. called “Building a Top 20 Workforce: The Importance of Managing Employee Skills” which really puts the problem of poor pre-hire selection into focus:

Symptoms of poor pre-hire selection practices include:

  •     Shallow promotion pool;
  •     Unnecessarily high turnover;
  •     Excessive training or sending broken employees to workshops;
  •     A sales staff where 80 percent of the people produce only 20 percent of the sales;
  •     Promoting people to management based on performance as individual contributors;
  •     Misunderstanding that interviews are only another form of test/assessment, and a very inaccurate one at that; and,
  •     Failure of HR to understand its critical role as skills gate-keeper.

It’s easy to see how small to midsized businesses with limited or no on-staff HR expertise can unwittingly let these pitfalls exist. That’s where hireVision can help. Our Hiring Process Management and DirectView services are designed to get results out of your pre-hiring processes.

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