Applicant Attraction

When it comes to attracting top talent, salary and benefits are not enough

Today’s job seekers want a positive company culture and reputation. An effective employer brand can convince them to seek a position with your company to find those workplace ideals. This is a powerful recruitment tool. Most companies understand this. Large ones can dedicate marketing communications and HR professionals to it. But most small- and mid-sized businesses cannot, which puts you at a disadvantage.

How widespread is the problem of recruiting? The Harvard Business Review has reported that:

  • 36 percent of global employers reported talent shortages
  • 73 percent of CEOs said they were concerned about the availability of key skills
  • There is often difficulty and competitiveness in finding and hiring workers quickly

Attracting the best job candidates has never been more critical—or challenging. Candidates have more information and personal criteria than ever before. Low unemployment rates and other fundamental changes in the modern business world have contributed to a new relationship between organizations looking for talent and potential applicants.

It’s not a matter of if applicants will check out your organization’s reputation and brand. It’s a matter of what they see when they do

glassdoor-logoApplicant attraction (sometimes called employer branding) uses proven strategies, platforms and materials to attract top talent to your company or organization.

Social media offers newfound transparency into what it’s like inside organizations. Sites like Glassdoor, Facebook, LinkedIn and other online platforms are regarded by candidates as some of the most credible sources of employer information. The need for the effective planning and use of applicant attraction strategies has never been more apparent.

Applicant Attraction showcases the best of your company

Managing a successful employer-branding program on your own can be difficult. With the help of our methods and marketing partners, your program will be:

  • Well-planned, with a strong employer brand and robust interactivity
  • Targeted to shape your employer brand and execute it to maximum effect
  • Modern, focusing on social media, digital marketing and communications efforts that really work
  • Customized to your unique business needs through expert guidance and a suite of specialized services
  • Strategic, to meet your short- and long-term growth and succession planning objectives
  • Integrated, so that your brand is consistent across multiple platforms and aligned with other external efforts such as marketing, PR and customer service

Large corporations often absorb employer branding into their overall marketing strategies and budgets. But most small and mid-sized organizations struggle with it. We can help create a strategy and develop tactics to make Applicant Attraction work for you.

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