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Applicant Tracking Systems: Who Hasn’t Taken the Plunge Yet?

Posted on: December 3rd, 2012 | Category: DirectView, Hiring Methodology, hiring process, Our Blog, Resumes

Are you ready to take the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) plunge?According to a recent survey of readers of HR Daily Advisor, HRhero Line and, almost 50% use some form of computer/software applicant tracking system. The automation, data base compilation of applicants, metrics collection and social media reach opportunities are just some of the many reasons why these systems are being used to more and more. Still, there are some businesses that continue to hold out on using a good Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

So who wouldn’t want to use an ATS? Some of reasons why employers should consider include:

    • To stop missing the best candidates out there
    • Easy to use
    • Immediate integration into social media sites like Facebook, Linkedin and Google+
    • A safe, reliable cloud-based option is available
    • For use with hireVision services, or without
    • Affordable options to a world-class system are now within reach

With a little more knowledge about how these systems work and all the ways in which they can be used, we think a lot more businesses of all sizes will be turning to ATSs for their hiring and recruiting needs.

Applicant Tracking Systems Are Not Out of Your League!

That’s right. You heard us. You can afford a world-class ATS

While many employers mistakenly believe that they simply cannot justify the expense of such a tool, we are offering a unique partnership program that will leave you wondering how you can justify not using one.

Seriously. Size doesn’t matter.

Even if you are not a large company, there are huge benefits of using an ATS. We’ve compiled some of the biggest benefits in our latest information sheet:

hireVision is thrilled to offer, through our strategic partnership with iCIMS, an opportunity to access your own customized ATS at a fraction of the cost to purchase a system “off the shelf”!

Please download our information sheet today and learn more about hireVision’s affordable ATS Partnership Program, or contact us today for more information.

The ATS Partnership Program you’ve been looking for!

A secure, web-based platform accessible from anywhere, anytime
Passive recruiting opportunities, as web crawling spiders pick up your postings and advertise your positions for you…FOR FREE!
The advantage of streamlining communication with large applicant pools in one   centralized location
Ways to easily and quickly identify the best sources of candidates and track your applicant activity and access  reports for key business metrics
Built-in consistency in your recruitment process coupled with tracking mechanisms—enhancing your ability to maintain compliance with ever-changing HR laws and regulations
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