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Are “HR Curveballs” Being Thrown Your Way? Here’s How to Improve Your Batting Average.

Posted on: March 28th, 2013 | Category: Events, Human Resources, MODERN EMPLOYER, Our Blog

Jerry looked at his email inbox and shook his head.  How was he supposed to get through all of these emails? There had to be 20 management training articles in there this week alone, and a few dozen emails, if not more, from his boss.  Sometimes it felt like there couldn’t possibly be enough time in the day (or enough coffee in the world!) to keep up on it all.

Jerry loved the management aspect of his job, but sometimes the employee fights, performance issues, and legal landscape confused him.  Particularly when it came to HR laws and regulations, Jerry could feel his head spinning.  It seemed like every time he turned on the news at night, he was hearing about different employment law changes.  How they impacted his business, he wasn’t sure. Did he have to do something different? Fill out any new forms? Could he still ask about criminal convictions in his interviews? Ugh. Who could keep up?

When Jerry scanned his email inbox and saw hireVision’s “HR Essentials for Management 1.0” workshop, he was relieved to actually see an email he wanted to read.  It seemed like a very worthwhile investment to devote a few hours to a management training workshop that provided an overview about all that “HR stuff” he really needed to know.  Maybe it would mean he could even stop subscribing to some of those management blogs! Why not, when the hireVision training was chock-full of HR information for managers like him, including:

  • How HR laws impact his workplace and how these, in turn, impact his role as a manager
  • A set of valuable tools that he could immediately put to use, including templates, resources, and checklists for wide range of HR functions
  • How to better handle those “HR curveballs” (as his company’s HR Manager liked to say) that get thrown to managers from time to time using a solid foundation of HR principles

Now, Jerry sighed, if he could only find a training to help him manage his inbox …

To learn more about hireVision’s April 25th “HR Essentials for Management 1.0” Training Session,click here.

To learn more about hireVision’s April 4th “Building Your Best Team Ever…With Your Own Cast of Characters!” Workshop,click here.

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