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Are Your Hiring Managers Up to the Task?

Posted on: July 20th, 2012 | Category: Hiring Methodology, hiring process, How To Hire Good Employees, Our Blog

Are your hiring managers well trained?You’re smart. That’s how you got to where you are now—a successful job in a rewarding profession, respect from your colleagues and peers, enlightened moments reading this cutting-edge human resources blog…

So we ask, how often does your company allow unqualified staff members to make decisions that could cost your business thousands of dollars?  Before you answer “Never!”, we as you to please consider your hiring management chain of command. Every day, there are otherwise brilliant companies out there allowing untrained managers to oversee their hiring process. Now consider this:

The average salary in the US these days is around $47,000, which doesn’t include benefits, tax, training, and other hidden costs.  When managers aren’t appropriately armed with the right hiring techniques, the imminent risks are that you can potentially lose strong candidates and potentially hire the wrong candidates on a regular basis, exposing your business to unnecessary risk as well as lost time, money, and productivity.  Who needs that?

(excerpted from The 10 Biggest Hiring Mistakes for 2012*)

“With so much at stake with each new hire, the value of properly training your hiring managers is just enormous,” says Tina Hamilton, President and CEO of hireVision. “If your not willing to train these people, consider outsourcing the process to qualified professionals. The investment will pay for itself in a well-chosen workforce that drives your business forward.”

hireVision offers great training programs for your hiring managers. We have other fantastic hiring and HR resources and tools to offer as well, through our DirectView hiring management services and our HR DirectLink human resources services. Contact us to discuss ways we can help inspire your teams toward increased motivation today!download our free hiring mistakes ebook!

*If you would like more advice on what hiring errors to avoid from our ebook, The 10 Biggest Hiring Mistakes, click here to download it FREE. Learn how to spot and avoid some of the worst hiring, screening and interviewing blunders made by companies today.


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