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Behold the Power of Feedback!

Posted on: July 12th, 2011 | Category: Employee Relations, Human Resources, Our Blog

We recently read some great advice that hails all the way from Australia, in an article entitled “Employees clamour for feedback and recognition” from the good folks over at It’s a report on a new study of 1,299 people that found that employees value a boss’s ability to give good feedback and recognition more than any other trait. The article goes on to cite data indicating that employee recognition also provides long-lasting effects on productivity and performance. Tips for how to incorporate more effective feedback and recognition include:

  • giving timely praise
  • keeping praise in proportion to the accomplishments at hand
  • don’t just offer feedback at the end of a project (offer it during the various stages as well)
  • make sure your feedback is meaningful

hireVision’s own president and CEO, Tina Hamilton, has this to add:

“It can certainly be uncomfortable to serve up bad news, and of course delivering good news is always much more pleasurable. But it doesn’t help anyone to avoid telling them what they need to hear in order to do their job better or to do what is best for your company. One of my secrets to eliminating the awkwardness of delivering bad news is to set the right tone from the very beginning of the employer-employee relationship. To do that, you need to clearly communicate that you will be open and direct in your feedback in order to help your employees be successful in their careers. Remember, the initial conversations you have with your employees regarding potential future performance issues are so much easier than the conversations you have to have when the problem as been allowed to manifest for too long. If you haven’t already set this precedent, you may need to create a new “starting point” and let your employees know that you are changing your performance management style in order to generate a more successful group of team players and a more successful company.”

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