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Our best last-minute Employee Appreciation Day ideas are here.

Posted on: February 18th, 2016 | Category: Employee Relations, Human Resources, Our Blog

Employee Appreciation Day myHR BlogEmployee Appreciation Day is March 4, 2016.

Yikes! That’s just two weeks away! If you have yet to plan anything for your team, have no fear. The team at myHR Partner has collected a fantastic list of ideas for you, so that you can express your gratitude in fun, meaningful ways. The point is to let them know you are thankful for all that they contribute and do to your organization. Not only can such recognition help you build loyalty and boost performance overall, but it can help create a better work environment for everyone.

While some bosses envision the events of Employee Appreciation Day going something like this:

employee appreciation day 2013 ideas
…many of their employees actually envision the Friday festivities as something more along the lines of this:


In order to mitigate this kind of drastic disconnect in expectations at your place of work, and make the most of this excellent opportunity to improve employee satisfaction and create a stronger team atmosphere (not to mention have a bit of fun yourself), our HR professionals have compiled the following list of ideas that can be implemented in a relatively short period of time. Their simple, yet fun ideas include:

  • surprise your staff with a bagel & muffin buffet in the morning
  • have a chocolate fountain or fondue pot set up in the break room for everyone to snack on throughout the day
  • bring in a masseur/masseuse to provide mini massages to the staff
  • give gift cards to local merchants or restaurants
  • save the last hour of the day for company gift-basket awards ceremony (make sure everyone gets some type of recognition)
  • leave movie passes in each employee’s in box with a personalized thank you note
  • have a “team photo luncheon” then post the pictures in your office’s break area

Of course, buying the office lunch or giving everyone the afternoon off are always popular ways to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day too. At the end of the day, any way that you can genuinely express your gratitude for the hard work and efforts your employees give each day towards the success of your business is a wonderful thing. Take the opportunity on March 4 to give them your thanks.

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