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Build Your Best Team Ever…
Using Your Own Cast of Characters!

Almost $50,000!

That’s the average cost of a new hire in the US these days. This figure doesn’t even include benefits, taxes, training, and other hidden costs, mind you. It’s also not factoring in instances of hiring the wrong candidates, who can expose your business to unnecessary risk and lost time, money, and productivity.

Now multiply that by the number of people you have on your team of talent.
The implications are scary!

When considering the above costs, it makes great sense to work on building the best team you can—using the skills and talents of employees already working at your company.Print

Consider some of the benefits you reap by internally growing your best team ever:

  • You will save time, money & headaches by using the talent you already have in-house.
  • By spotting employees’ strengths and capitalizing on them, you will champion your team members, and your entire company in the process.
  • When you have a great team running optimally, everyone notices, including your clients and prospective clients.
  • The cost associated with training and improving the operations of your team is a fraction of the cost of hiring someone new.

It’s clear: Building your best team ever by using your very own cast of character is a cost-effective and impactful way to grow your business.

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Talent begets more talent!

Even when you’re actively hiring, a strong team can help you bring on stronger candidates.

  • Who doesn’t want to work on the best team out there?
    Top talent gravitates towards top talent. The best performers are always on the lookout for a winning team.
  • Who can help you get a new hire into the groove faster?
    A strong team, that’s who! A dedicated and hard-working group of peers can help get your new hire up-to-speed faster, and ensure they are better aligned with your daily processes and company culture.
  • What are the core skills and experience your company really needs, anyway?
    Building the best teams you can with the talent you already have will fine-tune your senses to what you need to look for in that next new hire. You will be well on your way to developing a competency profile that predicts success!
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