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Calling on the Hotline: Do Your People Feel Like They Are Heard?

Posted on: March 26th, 2014 | Category: Employee Hotline Services, myLink Hotline Services, Our Blog

The Sylvers were ahead of their time!

sylvers hotline - myHRpartner myLinkOperator, excuse me please
But this is more than an emergency...

Oh my. Did myLink Hotline Services just go there?

Oh, yes. We did.

In the modern world of high-speed information sharing, postings about what your people are not happy about, can go viral at the speed of sound. Offering a place for people to not only be heard, but receive resolution or support can help to minimize this exposure. In addition, people want to be heard. Give them a place and show them that their voice matters.

myLink: We are today’s experts in people-focused hotline services.

myLink Hotline Services from myHR PartnermyLink offers an HR approach to managing the voice of your organization. The service is handled by HR professionals, is customized to fit your organization’s specific culture and environment, and has the people relations experience necessary to handle inquiries in a way that a call center simply cannot.

myLink acts as an extension of your organization to support your communication efforts, so that your in-house support team remains intact and as available as always.

Our myLink hotline service supports your:

  • Employees
  • Customers
  • Faculty
  • Student body
  • Suppliers
  • Basically anyone that you allow access to our site

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