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We know it’s incredibly tough to keep up with all of the changes affecting HR. That’s why we write Modern Employer. Our blog is a great resource for HR news, information and advice. Our goal is to give you insight and direction so your organization can stay one step ahead.

The Morning Call “Lehigh Valley Workplaces” column: Employers on the frontline of addiction

Posted on: October 23rd, 2018 | Category: Employee Hotline Services, Morning Call Colulmn, Our Blog

addiction, mental health & sucide and the workplace

It seems that across the country, we cannot escape news about the rapid increases of mental health diagnoses, suicides and opioid addictions. Sadly, the Lehigh Valley is not immune to these epidemics. In fact, every day our workplaces are dealing with the havoc these issues wreak. A look at the issues According to the National…

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The Morning Call “Lehigh Valley Workplaces” column: The dangers of discussing politics on the job

Posted on: October 4th, 2018 | Category: Morning Call Colulmn, Our Blog

It is startling how passionate and outspoken many of us have become about politics. With the November midterm election just weeks away, feelings and discussions are heated. Sometimes the political divide is so clear you can practically see the line, though we all see it in different colors. When it comes to talking politics —…

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Tina Hamilton tapped for American Express Open Forum article on the role of data in modern performance evaluations

Posted on: September 24th, 2018 | Category: News & Media, Our Blog, Performance Evaluation, Talent Management

Recently, president Tina Hamilton, PRH, SHRM-CP, was interviewed for a new American Express Open Forum article by Mark Henricks on the role of data in the measurement, tracking and analysis of employee performance. Business owners who are successfully harnessing the power of data are finding it a valuable tool in improving productivity, facilitating better decision-making and…

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LEHIGH VALLEY BUSINESS: Recruiting never stops if you want to attract a strong staff

Posted on: September 18th, 2018 | Category: News & Media, Our Blog

myHR Partner President Tina Hamilton, PHR, SHRM-CP, has a new article featured in Lehigh Valley Business, and it is full of vital information for employers trying to navigate today’s ultra-competitive employee market. “Recruiting never stops if you want to attract a strong staff” offers solid advice on how to continuously attract applicants all year long.…

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New NY sexual harassment prevention requirements will begin to go into effect. Here’s what you need to know.

Posted on: September 13th, 2018 | Category: Our Blog

New York State sexual harassment training

New York State’s 2019 budget created substantial additional sexual harassment prevention responsibilities for employers, the first of which go into effect on October 9, 2018. The new state requirements include rules on the content and wording of specific policy statements and on how employers conduct annual training for all employees in compliance with state regulations…

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MODERN EMPLOYER: Stop promoting your workplace poorly. Surviving a CEO absence

Posted on: September 12th, 2018 | Category: MODERN EMPLOYER, Our Blog

myHR Partner HR outsourcing newsletter

YOUR CONNECTION TO HR NEWS AND WORKFORCE IDEAS Check out what great news, advice and activities are making workforce waves right now. Exceptional workplaces don’t just happen. Employers who value talent create work environments where people want to belong. This issue of MODERN EMPLOYER is all about making your workplace one that employees feel committed…

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The Morning Call “Lehigh Valley Workplaces” column: Prove to me why I should work for you

Posted on: August 23rd, 2018 | Category: hiring process, How To Hire Good Employees, Morning Call Colulmn, Our Blog

recruiting and employer brand

Recently, I was reminiscing about a time when recruiting involved running a classified advertisement and waiting for the phone to ring. That was enough. In a tight-knit community like the Lehigh Valley, applicants may have heard of a company from a friend or relative who worked there, or maybe because of the business’s marketing. Companies…

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What a great day! We had a blast at our company picnic.

Posted on: August 9th, 2018 | Category: Our Blog, Our Workplace

myHR Partner company picnic

On Wednesday, August 8, we held our annual company picnic. This myHR Partner summer event is always a great time, and a chance for us to enjoy a stress-free afternoon with our families. To up the employee-appreciation ante this year, we also held a mindfulness seminar in the office earlier in the day. We spent…

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