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Employee Appreciation Day is only five weeks away! How will you celebrate your team?

Posted on: January 26th, 2017 | Category: Employee Relations, Our Blog

employee engagement and employee appreciationFriday, March 3th, is Employee Appreciation Day.

Soooo…whatcha got planned?

Every year, we ask our clients and readers for suggestions on how to show appreciation to your workforce in unique and meaningful ways. We always get great Employee Appreciation Day stories and ideas. Sometimes we even get a few really fun pictures, too. It’s a testament to the many great workplaces out there. To all of you, we say: you rock! (We’re sure your employees think so, too.)

We’d love to hear more of your great ideas…so be sure to share with us using the form below!

Don’t have any plans yet?

Do. Not. Panic.

Whether you have participated in this holiday before or not, it can be hard trying to come up with good ways to recognize your employees’ contributions to your organization. Most employers’ days are pretty hectic and busy to begin with. We totally get that. So, if you are stumped, no worries! We have a few ideas you can try or build on for your own celebration.

Here are some ideas for showing your workforce you appreciate all that they do:

  • Order in a break room platter of bagels, sandwiches or snacks
  • Give gift cards that they can use online or locally
  • Present potted plants for their desks with a hand-written card personally thanking each employee
  • Schedule an afternoon outing to the movies, bowling, a painting-party studio or some other fun, low-stress outing

On a tight budget? Here are some ideas that cost little to nothing:

  • Let employees leave early or come in late for a day
  • Have a pot luck, where everyone brings in something to share and show their own appreciation of each other
  • Hold a team meeting and share with the group what you appreciate about each employee


Tell us your terrific ideas!

This year we are again asking you to share your stories and suggestions with other employers. Please use the form below to tell us what you do to show your team how important they are to your organization. We will share a selection of the ideas submitted by readers here on March 2nd.


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