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Employee Engagement and the Many Ways to Say ‘You’re Awesome’

Posted on: July 17th, 2014 | Category: Employee Relations, Events, Human Resources, Our Blog, Talent Management

employee engagement and employee appreciationYou’re awesome. No, really, you are. We mean it.

Doesn’t that make you feel good? We want to make sure you feel not just as if you are getting value out of what we publish online, but feel valued as our reader. To that end, we are taking this opportunity to recognize the inherent awesomeness of the people who matter to us. At myHR Blog, it’s how we roll.

As employers, maybe it’s how businesses should roll as well.

According to a recent Houston Chronicle article, the latest human resources buzzword is “engagement”.  Managers all over the country are seeing the benefits of recognizing employee efforts, building camaraderie and just providing a little fun. Why the rise in interest in employee engagement? We’ve got two words:

turnover reduction.

From the article:

Voluntary turnover is up this year, HR Houston reported. A survey conducted by Gallagher of more than 150 local companies in more than 30 industries including energy, manufacturing and professional services found more employees are opting to change jobs.


Companies have become so concerned about the turnover they’re seeing that Gallagher quizzed human resource managers for the first time on their methods of employee engagement.


The most popular method, cited by 60.5 percent of survey respondents, was providing career development and opportunity advancement. But ranking fifth, named by 47 percent of respondents, was company culture camaraderie.

Celebrate their awesomeness.

Keep your talent satisfied with their jobs by making them feel appreciated and fulfilled at work. Celebrate their awesomeness and they will be more inclined to contribute their best efforts to your company, too. Employee engagement, at its core, is about ways to make your talent feel valued and feel invested in your organization. To do that, an employer must be able to read his or her team’s needs.

While some companies are pulling out all the stops by opting for lavish events run by party planners, many others with less extravagant budgets are using creativity and employee input to increase engagement. “The point is not to spend a ton of money to prove you value your team,” says Tina Hamilton, PHR, president of myHR Partner. “The point is to do something meaningful and memorable to show that you appreciate and support them.” So ask yourself and ask your team what would really be of interest and helpful for my employees.

Here are some simple things that can be done throughout the year to boost employee engagement and retention:

  • Have local outings. like bowling or sporting events, periodically throughout the year
  • Organize a voluntary quarterly potluck lunch
  • Make a charity walk/run team and have training sessions and/or share training tips
  • Acknowledge achievements and milestones with treats like bagels, pizza or cupcakes for all
  • Reward random acts of kindness around the office with a trophy that gets passed around each month
  • Provide training sessions and career guidance opportunities that fit your employees’ needs
  • Give problem-solving employees a spotlight of some kind when they come up with great ways to streamline work, support other team members or improve the workplace culture

Whether you need help with employee engagement programs or employee retention solutions, we’ve got you covered.

Today’s employers have to be proactive to avoid employee dissatisfaction and high turnover rates. It takes a strategic, broad approach to maintain a positive, productive and profitable workforce. Our team of HR experts team is here to help you achieve your workforce goals. Email us, or call us at 610-443-0119 to discuss how myHR Partner training and myHR DirectLink Services can help your business.

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