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Employer branding is critical to your recruiting efforts. What do applicants know about your brand?

Posted on: January 19th, 2017 | Category: Employee Relations, HR DirectLink Service, HR Support & Project Work, Human Resources, Our Blog, Talent Management

Nice guys don’t have to finish last. In fact, the case can be made that in today’s high-speed-connected, social-media-inundated, millennial-influenced world, being known as a good, respectable company can do wonders for your customer loyalty and brand recognition. But the process of being recognized as “one of the good companies” doesn’t start with a big marketing push. It starts from within.

According to a recent Fast Company article on the biggest factors shaping recruiting in 2017, company brand was a top priority. From the article:

Today’s job seekers have a broad range of tools to research companies, cultures, and individuals. That means every company has an employer brand, whether they choose to shape it or not.
According to LinkedIn’s 2016 Global Talent Trends report, 62% of global recruiting leaders cite employer branding as their top priority. Despite this, many companies aren’t taking an active enough role in shaping their own images as employers. Companies that fail to do that proactively and compellingly may be losing candidates they don’t even know about—those who, after researching the company and finding no compelling reason to apply, look elsewhere for work.
Effective employer branding starts with your employees. You don’t need to have a dedicated employer brand team or a massive budget to influence your employer brand, but you do need to provide your employees with some guidance (and permission) to share their employee experience. Those authentic stories can help you make an impression with candidates before they’ve applied, and influence their decision to pursue your company.


This is not a new concept. Back in 2011 posted an article entitled  “Why Your Business Should Be a Great Workplace” that discusses how doing good by your workforce can be great for business. The article includes insights from business leaders who understand what providing a great place to work can do for a company. In particular, we loved this great quote about company culture and internal branding:

Internal brand excellence: “We live and work in a very different environment than companies did even five years ago. The pace of innovation and use of technology in business, especially with social media, means that a company’s internal ‘brand’ for its employees is as important, if not more important, than its external brand image.  Word gets around very quickly about the company culture.” — John Saaty, chief executive officer, Decision Lens


“I couldn’t agree more,” says Tina Hamilton, PHR, myHR Partner’s president. “If you treat your talent well and give them a great work environment, they will be happy and your best public relations tool, your best cheerleaders. After that, you need to encourage them to share their positive experiences and, in many cases, provide them with a platform to do it. You need a concerted, strategic, ongoing effort to build and promote the brand from within.”

Want to create a company culture that promotes positive employer branding for your company?

myHR Partner offers many valuable services to help you not only cultivate a great brand internally, but help you identify and implement ways to spread the word. Contact us today about our award winning outsourced human resources services.

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