There’s lots of confusion out there, especially since some payroll providers or PEOs call themselves an HR service. And since we offer support in these areas, we might even make this more confusing. So let’s clear this up.

Your company likely has a payroll company or benefits broker that you purchase these services from. Perfect! We come in and take on the internal role of supporting these services. Payroll needs someone from inside your company to provide hours, deductions, employee changes, commissions, expenses, and more on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. In addition, your employees have questions, problems, etc. regarding their paychecks and need someone to go to. That is the role that we take on.

Benefits administration is very similar. We manage on- and off-boarding, help with open enrollment, employee changes and employee questions. Most importantly we determine what services your benefits brokers offer and make sure that we are not doing the work that they already provide you at no cost. In addition, should you decide to look at new providers, we can conduct that due diligence on your behalf and even help you transition. If you are on a PEO and looking to break away from this service, we can handle the entire process for you. We even have employee payroll and benefits specialists on our team to assure we are ready for anything you send our way.