This is a common question. After all, when you have someone internal you have someone available to use 40+ hours per week. If we feel you are best served by having your own HR staff, we’ll recommend this. Our company was created to provide support until the time comes that you need a team of your own, should that time come. (By the way, when you are ready, we can even help hire and train that person!) Now let’s talk about the differences:

Internal Outsourced
Someone there 40+ hours per week A team vs. a person. Three levels of HR support, specialists and a whole company offering best practices. We never get stale.
They are involved in the politics of the organization so decisions also affect their role We are always on the outside in this regard. We never are personally affected by decisions so we can stay objective.
Vacations, personal or sick time, turnover, leaves, etc. You always have someone. We set up a three-person team and make sure someone is always available to help you and your people.
Your company is evolving, and HR must evolve with you. Evolution is our world. We are progressive as a rule and stay on top of trends and best practices to assure that we grow with you.
One person is not enough We assign you a team from the start and we can scale with you.
Our HR manager is either getting overloaded with administrative tasks or overwhelmed with work that is above her/his level Your team consists of an HR Director, HR Manager and HR Coordinator. We can schedule more or less time at any of these levels. We even have specialists for those special needs. You only pay for the level you need, when you need it. It’s a fully functional HR department at your service.