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myHR Partner one of five businesses profiled for its 40-hour workweek model

Right on the heels of last week’s news profile in The Wall Street Journal, myHR Partner and our president, Tina Hamilton, PHR, were featured in a Fortune article yesterday entitled “These 5 employers are rescuing the 40-hour workweek” by reporter Erik Sherman.

The article took a close look at five companies that hold true to a 40-hour workweek limit for their employees. According to a recent Gallop poll mentioned in the Fortune article, the average hours worked by full-time employees is actually 47 hours, which explains why companies that do set upper limits are gaining media attention.

From the article:

“I started my company with the 40 hour work week,” company president Tina Hamilton told Fortune. “I had owned another business where I personally, along with my employees, worked 70, 80, 90 hours. It’s how I grew up. When I sold that business and had some time to come down, I started to think about what kind of life I wanted. I was in [my] 30s, I had some money in the bank, and that’s what I decided: I would always hire enough people and to do that I had to pay for 40 hours, not 70 hours. I had no idea that people would want to flock toward us and want to work here.”


Because of a big jump in her business, she’s paid some people to work 45 hours instead of 40, but only until she can hire more help. She sees a danger. “If I see they’re working 45 hours and I’m making more money because I don’t have more overhead, that’s greed,” she says. “I have to keep my promise.”

To read the whole article, click here.

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