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FLSA? ADA? FMLA? I Manage a Business Not a Can of Alphabet Soup!

Posted on: April 3rd, 2013 | Category: Events, Government Regulatory & Compliance Issues, HR Training Programs, Human Resources, MODERN EMPLOYER, Our Blog

HR Essentials for Management 2.0 by hireVision“DOL, EEOC, ADA, FMLA, FLSA…All these HR acronyms make me want to send out an S.O.S. signal!”

Jennifer blinked and shook her head. How was she supposed to keep all of the HR laws and regulatory changes straight? All those letters looked like the alphabet soup her kids loved for lunch—whatever combination her 3-year-old daughter could come up with, there was probably a corresponding law for it!

As a small business owner, she couldn’t justify the salary and benefits expense of a full-time HR Manager—there really wasn’t 40 hours a week of HR work to be done, at least not yet. But she was worried about the possible risks if she inadvertently broke one of these “alphabet soup” laws, the very same ones she couldn’t even make sense of. What if her business was audited or fined as a result? Jennifer really wanted to do things right, but how could she ensure she had the tools to stay in compliance?

Help Is on the Way

hireVision’s “HR Essentials for Management 1.0” workshop was the solution Jennifer had been searching for. In just a few hours, Jennifer had learned employment law essentials and could actually decode those crazy acronyms without the aid of a web search or a lawyer. She knew how to identify potentially sticky employment situations and verify her business was protected from non-compliance. And the best news yet was that hireVision Group could work with her on an outsourced basis to answer her day-to-day questions and give her the forms and templates she needed to keep her business on the right track. With her annual contract, Jennifer’s dedicated hireVision rep even came onsite to perform interviews for her and help her work through her hiring decisions!

No need to consider a full-time HR hire—at least not now. Jennifer had figured out the employment laws that impacted her business and had the HR outsourcing partner she needed to keep her focused on running her business, rather than worrying about what HR laws and regulatory changes she might have missed or misunderstood. Finding the solution to her “alphabet soup” nightmare seemed as easy as A-B-C, with hireVision’s help.

More About “HR Essentials for Management 1.0”

This 3-hour workshop provides an essential overview of current (and critical!) HR laws, policies, and processes for managers and leaders. (Let’s put it this way: if you’ve got employees, you need this information.) We’ll cover employment laws, hiring and recruiting, performance management, termination and off-boarding, to name a few. You’ll leave armed with information and tools to develop standardized and legally compliant HR practices.


  • These HR tools alone are worth more than the price of admission!

    A 3-hour, interactive small classroom session

  • Certificate of completion

  • A Ready to use tool kit of templates, resources, and checklists

  • PLUS: A 30-minute 1:1 personalized follow up call
    to enhance what you learned!


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*Registration starts at 7:30am. Class begins promptly at 8:00am.


If you depend on your employees to drive your business forward (And let’s face it, who doesn’t?), you’ve got everything to gain by joining us on Thursday, April 25th, 2013.

Sign up today! Have a question about the workshop? Check out our 2013 MODERN EMPLOYER workshop page, or  contact us.



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