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Great Bosses Know Every Employee Counts

Posted on: March 7th, 2012 | Category: Employee Relations, HR DirectLink Service, HR Training Programs, Human Resources, Our Blog, Talent Management

Thank you, thank you, Inc. Magazine for posting this excellent article on what makes a great boss. It’s not about being everybody’s buddy or about being feared by your staff. It’s about being a leader who motivates and encourages loyalty and performance through your own actions. Great bosses realize that their employees are a critical part of what makes the company what it is. Employees who are satisfied and performing optimally because they are proud of their jobs give off great vibes about your business to customers and the community.

One of our favorite points from the article:

Develop every employee. Sure, you can put your primary focus on reaching targets, achieving results, and accomplishing concrete goals—but do that and you put your leadership cart before your achievement horse.

Without great employees, no amount of focus on goals and targets will ever pay off. Employees can only achieve what they are capable of achieving, so it’s your job to help all your employees be more capable so they—and your business—can achieve more.

That means providing training, mentoring and opportunities to grow and shine. Even a modest contribution of time or money into an employee’s professional or personal growth can reap significant rewards for your company, provided the effort you put in is genuine and well-targeted. When you treat your employees like they are worth that kind of investment, they will treat you and your company like you’re worth it too.

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