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Great Leadership Is No Accident. Make the Time to Do It Right.

Posted on: January 15th, 2014 | Category: myHR DirectLink, Our Blog

outsourced hr services Modern employers are all too often juggling too many tasks to focus on their core strengths and ultimate responsibilities: keeping their organization as effective and profitable as possible. Who wouldn’t find this stressful?

And if you think this kind of stress is left at the office, you better think again.

A recent article entitled “Stress and the Leadership Factor” brought to light something we think is very important for employers to understand:

Maintaining a balance between family life and work can be especially difficult for leaders these days, given technology’s reach, says Rebecca Wagner, program manager for the “Professionals in Crisis” program at the Menninger Clinic’s Houston facility. This is often the case even when they know that their lives are out of whack, she adds. 


Thanks to the Internet, smartphones, tablets and our leaner operations, it has become easy for people to never fully leave work, or to simply detach from a certain element of their job in order to focus on another. For some small and mid-sized company executives, personally overseeing all of the employee-related functions and issues on a daily basis can take its toll, says Tina Hamilton, PHR, president of myHR Partner. “Making sure you have time to focus on managing and leading your business effectively is paramount to more than just your success, it’s also paramount for your personal well being. Trying to be all things to all people all the time is extremely stressful.”

Today’s modern employers need to be free to strategize and focus on running their businesses. But all too often, HR issues sidetrack them.

A distracted employer can’t give his or her company the focus that’s needed. Important functions are given a rush job or are left undone. The end result often requires lots of additional time to fix things in order to make things run smoothly again. This is a very wasteful and vicious cycle. Companies with HR staff also share in this issue. Often, these departments are overwhelmed with work to begin with, and when additional tasks come up that take them away from their core competencies, the wasteful and vicious cycle kicks into high gear.

Not having the modern and effective HR presence your company needs can result in:

  • Overburdened managers and/or HR handling too many critical HR tasks
  • Employee relations left unattended to
  • Communications problems
  • Lack of proper attention to training needs
  • Risk of not being up to date on compliance, or not recognizing violations as they occur
  • Employee morale/engagement issues
  • Unnecessary employee turnover—or the need for employee turnover
  • Performance not being managed properly

All of these things affect your top and bottom line.

We are a true hands-on partner for your human resources activities.

outsourced hr services myHR DirectLinkOur integrated approach to outsourced HR services makes you feel that we are a part of your organization, because we truly are. You are assigned a formally educated and skilled HR team consisting of a Director, Manager, and Generalist. In this format, we maximize your investment and support.

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