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hireVision Selected by iCIMS in Unprecedented Alliance

Posted on: November 19th, 2008 | Category: News & Media

LEHIGH VALLEY, PA (November 19, 2008) In an unprecedented move to revolutionize the way customer service is provided in the worldwide Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) industry, hireVision Group, Inc., an award-winning provider of Human Resources, today announced that it has been selected by iCIMS, a leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider of talent platforms, to certify their entire Customer Support Team in “HR Fundamentals.”


Tina Hamilton, President & CEO of hireVision, states, “Our certification is not just a training program; this series offers a very unique opportunity for the iCIMS’ Customer Support team to identify on a peer to peer level with the customers that they service; HR professionals.” For iCIMS’ small to mid-size market clientele, their Customer Support team will be trained to provide unique HR insight that will help support the growth of their customers. Hamilton explained that “the series is tailored to provide an enhanced understanding of the overall scope of HR, and how to leverage that knowledge to provide exemplary customer service.” 

Through a series of training sessions that occur over a twelve-month period, iCIMS associates will be given the opportunity to gain a deeper level of knowledge and understanding of major topics in Human Resources. Such topics include Recruiting Processes, EEOC, Compensation & Benefits and Employee Relations & Retention, among others. After associates complete the training and pass a final test, the series results in the certification of “HR Fundamentals” from hireVision Group

“This partnership is an extension of the iCIMS approach to provide service levels beyond the industry standard,” said Andrew Curtis, Director of Customer Services at iCIMS. “Our customer support team will not only be able to outline best practices in the use of the Talent Platform, but will also be able to extend it into best practices for general recruiting and human resource functions.”

hireVision uses the iCIMS platform as the backbone of their Hiring Management Services and brings not only the perspective of an HR company, but an HR company who uses the software, providing an added value to the training.

Hamilton added, “iCIMS is a proactive company whose philosophy is very similar to our own. It is obvious by their dedication to providing this level of support to their team that their commitment to Customer Service is anything but average.”

About hireVision:

hireVision Group, Inc. is an award-winning Human Resources innovator committed to making HR services affordable and accessible to any size company. Through culturally-based Hiring Management Services, organizations are able to outsource all or part of their hiring process. HR DirectLink Servicesenable hireVision to act as a company’s total HR department, or work in tandem with an existing department to manage time-consuming administrative functions without adding headcount. An extensive A La Carte option means every client can build their own hiring or HR solution. To learn more about how hireVision can transform your HR function into a competitive advantage, visit

About iCIMS:

iCIMS, a leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider, is an Inc. 500 honoree focused on solving corporate business issues through the implementation of easy-to-use web-based software solutions. iCIMS’ Talent Platform enables organizations to manage their entire talent lifecycle from applicant trackingthrough onboarding and beyond through a single web-based application. With more than 600 clients worldwide, iCIMS is one of the largest and fastest-growing talent management system providers in the space. To learn more about how iCIMS can help your organization, visit or view a free online demo at


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