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Hiring Managers: Bad Buzz Travels PDQ on the WWW—Mind Your Ps & Qs!

Posted on: September 27th, 2012 | Category: DirectView, Hiring Methodology, hiring process, How To Hire Good Employees, Interviews, Our Blog

hiring mind your ps and qsIf you are in the middle of the very stressful process of hiring, we can totally understand how it might seem like there’s just no time to worry about how you treat prospective candidates. So, you don’t get back to them for a few days about that question they had in the interview, or you rescheduled that all-day interview at the last minute. We know you still have to deal with clients who need your attention, employees and vendors who need oversight and all the regular duties you are supposed to perform as part of your regular job. You’re swamped. These candidates just have to understand that and be patient and flexible, because that’s just life, right?


How you treat job candidates says a lot about you and your company. And thanks to social media and our national addiction to telecommunications, it’s not just the individual you are dealing with who you may be disappointing or turning off, but to all the people in their social media, personal and professional circles as well. Or, as we in the enlightened HR world like to say, countless super candidates for future positions in your company, customers and even your current workforce. It’s a small world, after all.

Your hiring persona speaks volumes about your company.

“An important message for all companies hiring is that recruiting doesn’t actually get any easier during a down economy—it really only means there are more people out there looking. Companies need to stay cognizant of their brand impact in order to attract talent and maintain market competitiveness.” - Bonnie Levitt, MSW, PHR, hireVision

So make sure you are presenting your best, not your worst side. remember that how you present yourself and your company during the hiring process is publicity, both to the candidates you really, really want and to the community that will undoubtedly hear about the candidate’s experiences with you.

We’ve blogged about the three P’s of a successful hiring persona before, and they bear repeating:

 ➤ Professionalism. Whether it’s your own in-house HR staff or a recruiter, these people are often the first taste of your business that a job seeker will have. Make sure they are professional on the phone, in person and via email. They are speaking and acting on behalf of your company.
 ➤ Politeness. Even the most talented hiring managers and recruiters in the world can blow an opportunity if they are rude to a prospective applicant.
 ➤ Preparedness. Know how to answer basic inquiries about the job or department in question and about the company as a whole. Don’t let an applicant wonder whether the presentation of the position you are offering is accurate.

So what does a company have to do, roll out a red carpet for each and every single job applicant?

Well, no. But you should treat every applicant and candidate with the respect you would want to receive if you were standing in his or her shoes.

You and your recruiters should:

    • be punctual for appointments
    • refrain from rescheduling interviews or assessments unless absolutely necessary because of illness or emergencies—remember their time is valuable too
    • be courteous in every communication, in all mediums
    • not ask inappropriate or simply rude questions
    • make sure the person in charge of your hiring process asks the right types of questions to engage the candidate about your business
    • never discuss office politics or company gossip with job applicants
    • get back promptly with a candidate about any questions that were left hanging in an interview or email exchange
    • never email or post on social media outlets anything that you would never want to see in the news about your company—because it could possibly end up there

Remember that, while you are offering a new career opportunity for the lucky applicant you select, giving them a bad vibe during the hiring process could ultimately make them not want to take your position. ”It can be really valuable to ask for feedback from applicants about their experience during the hiring process,” Bonnie Levitt, MSW, PHR,  hireVision’s Director of Hiring Management. “You need to know if job seekers are getting a bad vibe about your business and take steps to correct that issue.”


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