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HIRING TIP OF THE MONTH: Don’t make emotional hiring decisions

Posted on: March 2nd, 2017 | Category: Hiring Methodology, hiring process, Human Resources, Interviews, Our Blog

avoid emotional hiring decisionsDo you hire employees that are just like you? Why not—you’re amazing, aren’t you? Emotional responses, such as feeling excitement about your compatibility to the applicant’s personality or even the tremendous warmth and sincerity of a candidate, are hard to resist.

While we would never disregard these attributes, they are not a sole justification to hire someone. There are also occasions when unconscious decisions are made based on emotions rather than reason. For example, in some cases hiring managers reject a candidate because something about that person reminds them of a ghost from their past. We can never underestimate the power of our emotions, but we can be aware of them and step beyond them.

How can you prevent emotions from hindering your hiring situation? “Have a solid job description with the two to four ‘deal breakers’ that a candidate must meet, without exception, to be considered for the job you have available,” says myHR Partner President Tina Hamilton, PHR. These are requirements of skills, knowledge, attributes or experiences that would eliminate a candidate from consideration if the candidate does not possess them, no matter what.

The deal-breakers must be:

  • Realistic
  • Not easily trainable
  • Something to which you are fully committed (You will walk away from the “perfect candidate” if they do not meet the deal breakers.)

Deal breakers are powerful when used correctly, and should be considered thoroughly.

(HR disclaimer: all of the above elements must be job-related and cannot discriminate based on a protected class or personal characteristic!)

If there is not a match based on the deal-breakers you identify, determine if you are defending the applicant’s lack of requirements without a concrete reason. When you feel the need to defend an applicant, this could be a red flag that your emotions are factoring in somewhere.

It’s easy to see why emotional hiring decisions happen

We know the hiring process can be time-consuming, draining and emotional for hiring managers and business owners. Given the financial impact of having an important role sit vacant, it’s no wonder that the hiring process is often mired in urgency and stress. All the ever-changing employment laws and regulations to keep on top of can add confusion to the mix, too. It becomes easy to take missteps that get in the way of making the right hire. Checking your emotions will go a long way towards getting the best results from the process.

Use better hiring practices, get better results

Don’t wait for the next we-needed-it-filled-yesterday position to open up at your company before you take steps to improve your hiring practices. The time to do it is now. You’d love to do it, you say, but you’re team has no time? Outsource the process with our hiring management services. Our fees are based only on the work we do, never on a per-hire basis, so your company’s best long-term interests are always our focus. myHR Partner also offers myHR DirectLink to help you retain and nurture those great hires by implementing our award winning outsourced human resources services.

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