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Hiring Tip of the Month: Employer Interview Techniques

Posted on: February 2nd, 2017 | Category: Hiring Methodology, hiring process, Human Resources, Interviews, Our Blog

hiring tips avoid interviewing traps; Photo: Krzysztof Szkurlatowski, www.12frames.euWe know the hiring process can be time-consuming, draining and emotional for hiring managers. With the financial impact of having an important role sit vacant, it’s no wonder that the hiring process is often mired in urgency and stress. All the ever-changing employment laws and regulations to keep on top of can add confusion to the mix, too. It becomes all too easy to inadvertently take missteps that get in the way of making the right hire.

Don’t Fall for Common Interviewing Mistakes!

So what’s a hiring manager to do? “First off, take a deep breath and relax,” says myHR Partner President Tina Hamilton, PHR. “There’s no sense in anxiously making rash decisions, and you don’t want a job candidate to see you as flustered, stressed out or confused during the interview. Remember, they are checking you and your company out too.”

Hamilton offers some sage advice about what things to avoid doing while interviewing candidates. Resist the temptation to fall into one or more of the following traps when you’re conducting candidate interviews:

  • Only interviewing 1 candidate (not having a large enough pool)
  • Moving too quickly (because you’re afraid you’ll lose the candidate)
  • Moving too slowly (so that you actually do lose the candidate)
  • Ignoring privacy laws
  • Asking discriminatory questions that violate EEOC regulations
  • Not being thorough enough in the interview
  • Not considering the importance of your company’s culture when screening for “soft skills”

What it comes down to in the end is that you need more than just a warm body to fill that vacant seat. Even if you are in desperate need to fill a certain position or are short on time, a bad hire will not fix your woes. In fact, a bad hire could make your problems worse. Avoiding the common interviewing traps above will benefit your company, your sanity and your bottom line.

Use Better Hiring Practices, Get Better Results

Don’t wait for the next we-needed-it-filled-yesterday position to open up at your company before you take steps to improve your hiring practices. The time to do it is now. You’d love to do it, you say, but your team has no time? Outsource the process with our hiring management services. Our fees are based only on the work we do, never on a per-hire basis, so your company’s best long-term interests are always our focus. myHR Partner also offers myHR DirectLink to help you retain and nurture those great hires by implementing our award winning outsourced human resources services.

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