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I’m Not an HR Professional, But I Play One on TV…

Posted on: April 12th, 2013 | Category: Employee Relations, Employment Administration, Events, Government Regulatory & Compliance Issues, HR DirectLink Service, HR Training Programs, Human Resources, MODERN EMPLOYER, Our Blog

Remember those commercials from the 1980s where famous soap opera actors would recommend Vicks 44 while offering “I’m not a doctor, but I play one on TV” as some whacked-out reason as to why we should listen to them? Imagine how strange that must have felt for those accomplished actors to dish real-life advice based on expertise they didn’t actually have. Unfortunately, many owners and managers of small and mid-sized businesses can relate to that feeling when they find themselves forced to perform human resources functions on a regular basis even though they aren’t trained HR professionals.

“I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how good managers and small business owners without HR backgrounds can be at dealing with employee-relations issues when they have the right resources and use them,” says Tina Hamilton, hireVision’s President and CEO. “I think it has a lot to do with the fact that, in smaller companies, the bosses have more direct relationships with their employees. To these business owners and managers, their employees are real people. And who doesn’t want to do right by the people in your everyday life?”

Getting these employers the resources they need is key to their being successful in HR management.

According a blog post by HR Reporter called  “When non-HR Professional Do HR Work”, special issues arise for businesses where HR functions are often handled by the owner/manager, or a financial controller, office manager or administrative assistant. Things like long-term strategic planning, compliance and comprehensive and competitive benefits packages can be particularly challenging due to lack of resources and time to dedicate to these issues—something par for the course when you wear several company hats. While many basic HR functions have been simply outsourced over the past decade, other necessary and decidedly human aspects of HR have fallen onto the untrained shoulders of employers who would like to do the right thing by their workers, but aren’t always aware of the best ways to do so. (FYI: Our “HR Essentials for Management 1.0” covers just these kinds of issues! Click here for more information, or to register.)

Need help managing your HR functions in ways that can boost your bottom line?

hireVision’s HR Partnering Services and Hiring Management Services can help. Contact us today for a frank discussion on managing your talent. We provide HR management assistance to companies who either have little or no HR personnel on staff. We bring modern, effective practices to your workplace that not only individually fine-tuned to fit your unique company culture, they get results.


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