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Kelly Coblentz, PHR, Promoted to Director of HR Services at hireVision Group, Inc.

Posted on: July 25th, 2011 | Category: Employee Relations, Employment Administration, HR DirectLink Service, HR Support & Project Work, HR Training Programs, Human Resources, News & Media, Our Blog, Tax Issues

Kelly Coblentz,PHR, Director of HR Services at hireVision Group, Inc.

Kelly Coblentz, PHR, Director of HR Services

LEHIGH VALLEY, PA (July 25, 2011) hireVision Group is pleased to announce the recent promotion of Kelly Coblentz, PHR, to Director of HR Services. Her previous role at the company was HR Director – Client Partner.

“Kelly is the best kind of human resources expert,” says company president and CEO, Tina Hamilton. “She stays on top of the ever-changing regulations, trends and best practices that our clients need to know about, then provides them with the kind of progressive HR services that help them run a better business. She gets that HR isn’t just about paperwork, it’s about people, and that company’s get more out of their talent if they have loyal and commitment employees. It’s no wonder why our clients love working with her.”

In her new role, Kelly’s key responsibility will be managing all of the clients served under the company’s full-service HR partnering solutions, while still retaining client relationships she has built through her role as an HR Director.  The HR partnering solution provides each client with a fully customized HR outsourced service designed to truly meet the organizational needs for human resources.  These services can range to include any HR duty typically handled by an internal HR department like employee relations, performance management, employment administration, training,legal compliance, policy and procedure development, benefits and compensation management, absence management, payroll administration, and anything in between. Kelly also manages hireVision’s HR services staff, which follow her example of providing exceptional, modern human resources solutions for client companies that drives results.

Kelly received her MBA in business from DeSales University, and her BS in Business Administration, Human Resources, from Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania. Prior to becoming a part of our team, Kelly held multiple HR leadership roles within the litigation support and information services industries.   She has been serving in a Director level capacity since 2004.  Kelly also held HR roles in the HR consulting and long-term care industries.

About hireVision:
hireVision Group, Inc. is an award-winning Human Resources innovator committed to making HR services affordable and accessible to any size company.  Through culturally-based Hiring Management Services, organizations are able to outsource all or part of their hiring process.  HR DirectLink Services enable hireVision to act as a company’s total HR department, or work in tandem with an existing department to manage time-consuming HR functions without adding headcount. An extensive À La Carte option means every client can build their own hiring or HR solution. To learn more about how hireVision can transform your HR function into a competitive advantage, visit



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