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Eastern PA Business Journal – March 2008: Launch of integrated services sparks hireVision’s growth

Posted on: March 26th, 2008 | Category: News & Media

hireVision sees 2008 as a momentous and exhilarating time in the company’s evolution. “Everything we have done before this point has prepared us for where we are headed this year, says Tina I. Hamilton, PHR and President of hireVision. hireVision offers progressive human resources services to small and midsize businesses and introduced the Lehigh Valley to Hiring Management Services in 2002. Since then, the company has not only customized their hiring services to be even more accessible to all size businesses, they also launched new and distinct Integrated HR services.

HR DirectLink is the most recent addition to hireVision’s HR options and is the service generating the most buzz for 2008. HR DirectLink offers three levels of support. The first is DL1, which provides employers with ongoing support of issues regarding compliance, employee relations, and basic researching of employment laws, among other things. DL2 offers the same support to the employer and also makes hireVision the point of contact for employees for support on their HR issues, payroll and benefits, employee relations and policy and procedures. The third level, DL3, means not only does hireVision support the employer and employee, they actually perform the payroll and benefits administration with the client’s chosen vendors.

“The idea is to offer integrated HR services that were never before available to small- to mid-size businesses. Often these services have been handled by owners and supervisors, now we’re offering them an opportunity to work with them like we’re just in the next room,” says Tina I. Hamilton, PHR and president of hireVision.

As part of HR DirectLink, hireVision will act as part of the client’s business, knowing its issues and making them more manageable. This saves the client time and provides the client’s employees with a safe means for handling problems.

In 2007, hireVision nearly doubled their amount of business. With a staff that includes employees at all levels, from a human resources assistant to a director with a master’s degree, hireVision has prepared itself for even more growth this year. “The one unique thing about hireVision is that we can delegate the work to the right person. You are never paying for a director level person to do assistant level functions,” says Hamilton.

The other side of the business is Hiring Management Services. Unlike a staffing service or a headhunter, hireVision is a resource capable of handling all of a business’s hiring needs. With hireVision’s staff all being certified or holding a degree in human resources, the company is confident that they can find the right people for their clients’ unique environment. Hamilton says that whether a client is hiring one person or 20, the client will only pay for the services they provide. The hiring services are completely specialized and comprehensive, crossing all levels of employers from from universities to manufacturers to corporations.

Before starting hireVision in 2002, Hamilton owned a staffing franchise that she later sold back to the company. Through the franchise, Hamilton was hiring CEOs but was regularly receiving calls from small- to mid-size companies that were looking for services unique to their circumstances. Through that need, Hamilton’s vision of a company that would become an extension to those businesses was born.

As hireVision grew, Hamilton saw the need to again broaden the range of services offered to include employee
retention assistance. From that point sprang the need for a variety of staff to support that new direction and what
continues to be a constantly growing and evolving business.

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