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Manager ≠ Office Therapist
(It’s True. We Did the Math.)

Posted on: September 3rd, 2014 | Category: Employee Relations, Human Resources, Our Blog, Talent Management

workplace whining and drama queens, how to deal with team conflictWell…we didn’t actually do the math. This is an HR blog, not an accounting blog, after all. But we have looked into workplace conflict and employee motivation issues quite a bit and have something to say about them. Starting with this:

You didn’t come this far in your career to become the office therapist.

Did we just hear a few “amen”s from somewhere out in cyberspace? Yes, we do understand your pain. Perhaps some of these work team scenarios sound familiar to you:

  • Overly emotional comments and suggestions from individuals
  • Someone attacks someone else’s idea before they are even finished speaking
  • Team members stubbornly taking sides and refusing to compromise
  • Subtle personal attacks between employees

As the team leader, you set the conflict-resolution tone.

Unfortunately, every employer will eventually run into some form of workplace conflict. Sometimes we may get so busy and wrapped up in work that we don’t recognize conflict exists until a problem reaches crisis levels. Or, for whatever reason, we may turn a blind eye to conflict between individual employees and hope it just all blows over. But the truth is, if conflict is not addressed properly so that everyone can move forward, it can have disastrous effects on your company’s productivity, morale and bottom line.

Resist the natural urge to ignore or avoid reacting to workplace drama.

That’s right…face it head on!

Here’s a huge take-home message about conflict resolution in the workplace: While it may feel easier to deny conflict than confront it, resolving conflict constructively by confronting it early on is actually the easiest and most effective way to deal with it.

Let that sink in a moment.

If you get nothing else out of this blog post, we hope that last point gets cemented into your management style. It will save you a ton of drama, aggravation and time. That’s because during the early stage of conflict you can focus on the factual issues of the conflict before the emotional ones have time to fester. You won’t have to deal with residual issues and arguments if they don’t have time to develop. What’s more, you make a clear point that bickering and complaining have no place on your team if you directly deal with crisis and then move on.

Want to build a better, drama-free team?
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You don’t have to be a therapist (or accountant) to see how moving on to better, more positive and productive tasks is in your company’s best interest. Our newly updated team building workshop teaches you 10 steps to creating a more productive and happy workforce.

Your Dream Team Construction Kit:10 Steps for Building Your Best Workforce

Back by popular demand on September 17, 2014, this training session (previously called “Building Your Best Team Ever…With Your Own Cast of Characters”) will help you, whether you have a great work team already or one that needs developing to reach it’s full potential. The session offers valuable information for business owners and managers looking to:myHR Partner team building training

  • Reduce workplace drama
  • Maximize performance
  • Build a top-notch team with your current talent
  • Improve employee engagement

In this 3-hour morning session we offer practical concepts to:

  • Deal with team whiners, gossips, melodramatic attention seekers & other distracting personalities.
  • Work painless conflict resolution into your team culture.
  • Spot employees’ strengths and capitalize on them.
  • Avoid hiring and turnover costs by improving your current team.
  • Get the results you want when you give feedback—good or bad!
  • Stop wasting valuable time playing therapist, referee, judge and/or jury over minor issues.
  • Create a happier, more productive and valuable team that can focus on your company’s success.

This 3-hour morning session also includes great takeaway tools too!


This workshop is being offered to the public on Wednesday, September 17, 2014, from 8:00 to 11:00 am in our brand new training facility in Allentown, PA. For organizations interested, we can also take this workshop on the road directly to your location, and customize it to fit your needs. Contact us for more details!
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