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of the evolving HR landscape. – October 2008: Finding a Job When You Don’t Know What You Want to Do

Posted on: May 14th, 2009 | Category: News & Media

Tina Hamilton, president and CEO of HR company myHR Partner, offers some tips for job seekers still trying to find their direction.

Look for jobs that align with your education.
While you don’t want to limit yourself too much during the job hunt, don’t apply for a job as an investment banker if you’re about to complete a bachelor’s in studio art.

Use your cover letter to illustrate your qualifications.
As with any job hunt, help the hiring manager see why you’re a good fit for the position. Don’t make him work too hard.

Don’t indicate your lack of direction.
If you admit to the hiring manager you’re just trying this job on for size, you’re telling him or her that you might not stick around for too long and you raise doubts about your qualifications.

Don’t ask the hiring manager, “What position do you think I should be applying for?”
“These are not career counselors,” Hamilton cautions. “If you are turned away for a job you may ask if there is another area in the organization that the interviewer feels might be a better fit for you. Read the entire article.

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