myHR Partner®’s president and CEO, Tina Hamilton, PHR, was quoted in an advice column for hiring managers posted on The Employer Partnership of the Armed Forces (EP) website. The EP is a service powered by the United States Army Reserve and Army National Guard to provide America’s employers (national, regional and local) with a direct link to service members and their families.

Tina’s advice was both practical and immediately actionable:

Streamline High-Volume Phone Interviews

“When you conduct the phone interview, ask the questions in order of importance,” says Tina Hamilton, president of (myHR Partner) in [Allentown], Pa. “You can end the call when it’s apparent that the candidate doesn’t qualify. Some calls will last just minutes, and few will last an hour.” Time saved is money saved.

Reflecting on her inclusion in the piece, Tina notes, “I am so glad that there are organizations out there like EP that are dedicated to connecting current, former and retired service members and their families with hiring managers in the civilian job market. These men and women have sacrificed so much for our country, it is only right that we give them a chance to leverage their military training and experience towards a career opportunities after their military service.”