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Now Is the Time to Improve Your Exit Interview Program

Posted on: December 6th, 2012 | Category: Exit Interviews, Human Resources, Our Blog

How good are the exit interviews you are conducting?They say you only get one chance to make a first impression. Well, OK, we’ll buy that. But what about the last impression?

Let’s consider this point in relation to exit interviews for a moment. How would you handle these differently if you thought that they might be shared in some way with a larger audience than just the person leaving your company? As we’ve blogged about before, social media makes it all too easy for impressions about your company—both good and bad—to have far reaching effects.

So how can you help keep your brand in the most positive light possible and still obtain valuable information that can help improve future employee retention and satisfaction when someone is exiting your organization?

better exit interviewsFor whatever reason an employee ends up leaving your company, remember that this person will be more frank and forthcoming about what they experienced and thought about your company if you don’t get into things personally yourself and keep things respectful and professional.

“When companies use the direct manager or an HR person who doesn’t relate well to people, they can’t just expect exiting employees to open up,” says Tina Hamilton, PHR, president and CEO of hireVision. “What is even worse yet is when a company asks for input from an exiting worker, and then refuses to believe or even acknowledge the feedback. You can bet the farm that the person leaving will share with their old co-workers what was said or done in the interview. The word will get around your company very quickly, thanks to Facebook, Twitter and just old fashion talking.” Do you want that word to be: “Of course they didn’t listen”?

From our recently published white paper on the subject:

“Exit interviews give the employee who is leaving a chance to get a sense of closure, which can give your company a better relationship with that person in the future. Remember, former employees can bad mouth your company with the far-reaching effects provided by today’s social media—or, they might someday come in contact with your business again as an employee for a vendor, client or in some other influential capacity. It behooves you to be respectful, attentive and professional in your exit interview process. Many times, a departing employee just wants to be heard or get things off his or her chest. Your exit interviewer needs to remain calm and objective, collecting the facts and not taking negative comments personally.”


Exit interviews, done well and recorded professionally, can provide you with the valuable information you need to improve employee retention and job satisfaction for the people who still work for your company, and they can serve as a nice boost to your business’s public image too.

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Exit interviews can be extremely valuable tools for talent retention, employee relations and company branding. They are also frequently underutilized, ignored or forgotten by the very managers and business owners who can benefit from them the most.

If you haven’t already downloaded your free copy of our white paper “EXIT INTERVIEWS: What’s the Big Deal?”, please take this opportunity to do so now. It’s full of valuable tips and advice on how to conduct exit interviews and use them to your business’s advantage.


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