Working full time in an HR position and raising a family is a juggle. We determine what our clients’ needs are, then give our team the flexibility to get work done when and where they can.

Michelle, HR Director: “Traditional HR positions can be pretty demanding. In prior jobs, it wasn’t unusual for me to support people who were on alternate shifts. So I would come in the middle of the third shift to interview an employee who has an allegation against someone else, harassment or discrimination. I would work a full day and then I’d be driving back to the work location in the middle of the night to try and resolve some of the off-shift issues that were going on. I couldn’t go back to that, where my work was pretty much my entire life.

I have 3 kids at home. So for me it’s hard to work the fulltime hours. It gives me that balance between work and life. It allows me to spend time with my kids and do things with them as I want to or need to. So depending on what my workload is I might be able to go do things with them.”