All of us have a lot in common. Family is our #1 priority, but that never makes us compromise our work. Since we share similar work and home situations and appreciate the flexibility we have, we have the option to work as a team when needed, collaborating on projects and creating a work environment that is productive.

Kelley, VP HR Services: “We have a very different workplace and work environment. We need to trust our people to be doing the work without a lot of handholding. There is an extreme amount of autonomy and flexibility. People can flex their schedules to what they need to.

“I never would have found that in a traditional work environment. My daughter was one when I joined this company. I’ve always had the flexibility to be there for her.

“It’s a very warm environment here. We have a lot of fun together. Generally, we all like each other and there is not that drama that happens in other places. There’s a focus on having flexibility around what happens outside of here, also flexible internally. There’s not that red tape that you’d be used to in a traditional corporate environment. If change is needed, we talk about it and change it. We work very independently, but there is still a lot of collaboration.”