Work-life balance is not just about splitting time between the office and home. It is also about personal career growth. Some of us choose to work a full week because we want to grow professionally while raising a family.

Dana, HR Manager: “I am one of the fulltime employees with a 40-hour week. It’s something I didn’t think existed – a managerial level position that’s 40 hours. That’s unheard of! I split my time between here and home which is just a walkable distance from the office based on my oldest child’s school schedule.

I wasn’t looking for another job but I was really missing that balance and was missing out on a lot of activities – things that I wanted to be part of with family and kids and community stuff – because of a 60-70-hour work week.

That was a big decision maker in making this switch to this job because I wasn’t able to do those things working full time as HR manager in a hospital network working 24/7 and round the clock. This is a very different experience.”