At myHR Partner®, we are committed to our 40-hour-workweek pledge. Far from being an impediment to getting things done, it is actually a great incentive for our team to work smarter with better results.

“It is extremely rare that an employer would set a 40-hour week as an expectation,” says HR Manager Erin McAteer, PHR, SHRM-CP. “Many employers talk about work-life balance, but few provide the ‘permission’ to actually work 40 hours as a standard, or the tools employees can use to set that balance. It’s become a buzz word without meaning in many workplaces.” Not here, though!

“Our 40-hour week allows an employee to take care of the things that matter to them outside of the workplace: home, family, hobbies, continuing education…or just rest!” says Erin. “I have a 6 year old who is already involved in our township soccer league and Girl Scouts. I’m thrilled to be able to have a rewarding career and be there for her activities.”

The 40-hour-workweek pledge also allows our team to “recharge,” so we can approach our work with fresh eyes and a clear mind. It’s how we consistently give our best to our clients, too.

“Our 40-hour-per-week expectation does not limit our ability to deliver first-in-class service. I have found that I am more productive knowing that my work should be completed in a specific time frame each week. We are always finding new ways to create efficiencies, which helps us to work smarter.”

— Erin McAteer, PHR, SHRM-CP, HR Manager at myHR Partner, Inc.


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