Some of us were unsure how our evening of paint-on-canvas would play out. But in the end, our camaraderie, our faith in Tina’s ability to push us out of our comfort zones and the stress relief we felt as our inner creativity surfaced actually made it fun! Here are some of the comments from the team:

Michelle, HR Director: “Painting day was different and fun. Tina is always thinking ahead seeing what is current what people like to do and finding those things.”

Kelley, VP HR Services: “I am so not the artist. I felt a lot of anxiety. But it was so much fun and relaxing. I don’t know why, but it was so much more fun than I thought it would ever be. It was actually stress releasing.”

Jenn, Administrator, Office Manager: “In other companies I have been to golf outings and stuff like that, but this was very different. This was fun and we went out to dinner afterwards so it felt more like a family-type outing than a company function. An artist talked you through it. She showed you the painting that everyone was going to be doing and then she talked you through how you were going to do each part. It was amazing to see everybody’s different interpretation of the same painting. Yet they all looked very similar.”