This is one of our all-time favorite summer tips from myHR Blog, and it’s something we practice here in our office too. We do this by providing, whenever possible, flexible work schedules and work-from-home hours during the summer. Not just to be nice, but because our company values our people, and as such values their commitments to their families.

This only makes sense. After all, when school is out for summer, working parents can really feel the heat. Whether their kids are going to be at home, attend camp or take part in summer daycare programs, the schedule change-ups can be challenging. By allowing some workplace flexibility, businesses like ours help employees tremendously during the summer months.

“Give working parents some summer support.”

Anecdotally, we find that this also makes a real difference in our team’s ability to be more efficient with their time and feel a bit less stressed, so while they are working they can stay focused on our clients. Win-win.