The 40-hour work week is one of the main reasons we have a professional, focused workplace culture. As a result, we have more time to spend with our families and be involved with our communities.

Tina, Founder, President: “Companies count on people working overtime to make money, so I tell candidates that I can’t pay six figures because you are only going to work 40 hours, you aren’t going to work 70 hours. But I am going to pay very well based on 40 hours not based on 70 hours. It’s very difficult to get new employees to work 40 hours. You become accustomed to keep going.

“The idea for an HR outsourcing firm that offered a 40-hour work week and the time to embrace life came in a dream. Having missed a lot of family time with my first child, I didn’t want to do it anymore, and I didn’t want to watch anyone else have to do it.

“I knew whatever company I was going to start work-life balance was going to be part of it. Period. End of conversation.”