Earlier this year we were honored to learn that we were named one of the 100 best places to work in PA. We find the award especially fulfilling because 75% of the scoring is based on an employee engagement and satisfaction survey administered by a third party.

For some insight, we decided we would ask them directly: Why do you think myHR Partner is a great place to work?” Here’s some of what they told us.

“I love working for myHR Partner because of the PEOPLE. It’s not every day or every workplace where you feel like your co-workers are family. It’s also a blessing to have a management/executive team that truly values your work/life balance and mental health. They take a genuine interest in each employee and what goes on in their lives outside of work as well.”

– Alexis Creyer, aPHR

“Our company owner and CEO is actively involved with the company and truly values feedback from all employees. Our work schedule is flexible. The employees at the company are top notch and always willing to help.”

– Heather Stringfellow

“There have been a number of occasions over the years that important and unexpected family events have come up. They haven’t been emergencies per se, but times when I wanted to be with my family. I have been fully supported in adjusting my schedule to be with them and work from their homes or different locations. I didn’t feel pressured to put them on the backburner. Even more importantly, I have felt cared for as a person. My manager and co-workers express concern. They check in to see how I’m doing. They genuinely care. You don’t find that everywhere.”

– Courtney Bock-Hencken, SPHR

“myHR Partner is THE best place to work in PA. Everyone on the team is involved so it doesn’t feel “departmentalized”. Everyone truly works together as a team and wants nothing but see one another grow and advance. There are many benefits working at myHR Partner that make me feel like a valued employee every day.”

– Amanda Decker

“There are many reasons why myHR Partner is great. The flexibility has been wonderful for my personal life. We have the ability to work around doctors’ appointments or other personal obligations. The flexibility to work from home was a benefit during the pandemic. We were all able to stay safe at home and keep working while many others in my family were not able to. Everyone at myHR Partner is helpful and supportive. We have a great team of experts, and you can trust you are receiving the best service. There is a clear path for growth when working here.”

– QiShaan Young

“I work with such talented, genuine people here. The work itself is challenging in the best possible way — there is always something new that we need to tackle and it leads to incredible learning opportunities.  And I cannot overlook our management. They care about our experience, our future goals, and about us personally. It is so rare to find this combination and I am so grateful that I have been lucky enough to be a part of this work family!”

– Erin McAteer, PHR, SHRM-CP

“Today’s world is filled with large corporations that only see you as a number. They have so many employees that they are unable to make you feel individually important as a true asset for the company. That is not the case at myHR Partner. This company truly appreciates and values each and every one of its workers. Even though the business is growing, Tina is determined to ensure that she doesn’t lose that personal touch of a small business.”

– Deanna Caldwell

“I love our culture. Everyone on the team is willing to help each other when needed and prepared to do what it takes to get the job done well so our clients receive a 5-star experience. There’s no fighting or drama within the team; everyone treats everyone else with respect. The company cares about each of us as individual people and makes efforts to ensure we feel it.”

– Michelle Kessler, SPHR

“Working here is like being part of an extended family. While our team may not be close in proximity, the distance between us doesn’t discount our support for one another both on and off the clock. When I was lucky enough to marry my husband last year in the middle of a pandemic, the whole myHR Partner team joined us virtually the day of the ceremony since they couldn’t be there physically. Working with various clients of different sizes, in different industries, and with different needs gives me opportunity to continue to grow my skillset which ultimately allows me to support my clients better.”

– Jamie Kubasta, SHRM-CP

Why is this the best place to work in PA?! Well, one way to explain it would be to say it’s like “opposite day” here. What do I mean by that? Let me give you some examples.

  • Ever worked for an employer that says they want to hear feedback, and then were defensive, negative, or made you feel like only good ideas only come from the top down? It’s opposite here! Feedback is regularly gathered and very much welcomed, and they communicate that they want this feedback to grow and improve. Employees have a lot of input and action on feedback, ideas are discussed, and changes are made.
  • Ever worked for an employer where they annual performance reviews don’t capture much of the year’s accomplishments and it has made-up things in it, and when asked about it the manager says they basically don’t care? It’s opposite here! Meetings with managers are held monthly and with mentors every other week where development, training, and company involvement are discussed. Notes and action items are documented by managers in the employee’s HRIS profile. Employees can instantly view them and add progress notes and accomplishments.
  • Ever worked for an employer that didn’t value individual skills and abilities that you bring to the table? It’s opposite here! They work to find each employee’s best skills and weave them into the company goals and work that you do, as well as help work to develop other skills. In addition, weekly team meetings have time for managers and co-workers employees to give each other “kudos and WOW’s” for things done that week.
  • Ever worked for an employer who left you without appropriate training and blamed you for not getting the job done? It’s opposite here! Extensive training, mentorship, and training are scheduled and intentional to help you acclimate with the work and the company’s approach.
  • Ever pay hundreds of dollars per pay for health, vision, dental insurance? It’s opposite here! All full-time employees pay $0 contribution for these benefits!
  • Ever worked for a terrible, verbally abusive, egotistical manager/boss? It’s opposite here! The owner, managers and culture focus on serving one another with respect, kindness, and empathy.
  • Ever worked with an employer who explained the job as 40 hours a week, but once you start working you find that 50 hours or more are expected — and you better answer those after-hours calls and emails from the boss and take your phone and laptop when on vacation? It’s opposite here. It’s 40 hours, that’s it. If you have more work than that, let someone know and it will be shifted around, or they will pay you, even a salaried employee, for any hours you work over 40.
  • Ever worked for an employer who is not flexible with work hours and requires you to work from the office, even when you could do the same thing from home? It’s opposite here! Be available for your clients and meetings during the core work hours, otherwise work the hours that fit your schedule to get in 40 hours, and work from wherever you want.
  • Ever felt stuck in a job with no ability to move and grow? It’s opposite here! There is a dedicated growth and development plan with charted out progress and goals to continually grow and develop.

I think you get the point. These are just some of the many reasons this is ‘The best place to work in PA’!

– Dominick Carnicella, SPHR