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Outsourced Recruitment Process: Your Key to Success in 2013?

Posted on: November 27th, 2012 | Category: DirectView, Hiring Methodology, hiring process, How To Hire Good Employees, Our Blog

outsourced HR and the recruiting process, success in 2013You have survived Thanksgiving. You’ve survived Black Friday. You’ve even survived Cyber Monday. The holiday season is in full swing—let the festivities begin! What else could you possible need to plan for before the start of the New Year?

Recruitment 2013, that’s what!

“Now is the time to plan for your successful talent acquisition efforts in the year ahead,” says Tina Hamilton, PHR, president and CEO of hireVision Group, Inc. “If you wait until January 2013, you’ll be playing catch up to your competitors right from the start. Why spend your energy and money attracting the competition’s castoffs?”

While recruiting functions aren’t often the obvious choice for outsourcing services when businesses are deciding where to spend their money, this vital process is really a much tougher task than employers think it is. “It can be even harder on a company’s existing HR staff these days, with all the red tape, internal hiring efforts, employment brand building and tending to the needs of current employees,” says Bonnie Levitt, MSW, PHR, hireVision’s Director of Hiring Management Services. “By giving your in-house people the additional help and expertise they need to do their jobs better, you will give your company a competitive edge when it comes to recruiting valuable talent.”

In this great explanation from the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association, we found sound advice on why smart employers, like you, seek professionals, like us, for recruitment process outsourcing (RPO).

One of our favorite points from the blog post:

Reducing cost
If recruiting is eating away at your bottom line because of a high turnover rate or because open positions are remaining open for a long time, then it might be time to admit that something is wrong with your recruiting functions. Outsourcing your recruiting to an RPO provider will not only reduce costs, but will also fill in those holes in your recruiting process that are ultimately costing you so much. Keep in mind that reducing cost doesn’t necessarily meant reducing staff, but improving what’s happening with the people that you have.

Are you ready to make your recruiting process a priority in 2013?

Make it your resolution for 2013 to stop spinning your wheels when it comes to your recruiting program. hireVision manages the pre-hiring processes on your behalf. We are not recruiters or headhunters. We can do the work of hiring for you, or partner with your HR staff to perform functions of the hiring process based on your company’s unique culture and goals. If you like we can even also oversee your headhunters’ activities to make sure they are working effectively and in your best interest. With our complete line of Hiring Process Management services, you can get the most out of every phase of the pre-hiring process.

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