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Respect From the Boss: Less Than 50 Percent of Employees Are Feeling the Love

Feeling respected by your employer has been linked to higher employee engagement, employee productivity and employee retention. Sadly, 54% of employees surveyed by Harvard Business Review and author Tony Schwartz reported that they don’t regularly get enough respect from their leaders. “Whether it is due to stressful work cultures, overworked managers or some other condition,…

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myHR Partner’s 2014 Cartoon Employee Hall of Fame Inductee Is…

In honor of Employee Appreciation Day tomorrow, we are pleased to announce this year’s inductee to the myHR Partner Cartoon Employee Hall of Fame. Joining the esteemed ranks of such notable employees as Fred Flintstone, George Jetson, SpongeBob Squarepants and Inspector Gadget, this year’s character is one whom you will no doubt agree deserves this…

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COMING NEXT WEEK: New Inductee to Our Cartoon Employee Hall of Fame

Remember back in February when we unveiled hireVision’s inaugural list of inductees to our “Cartoon Employee Fall of Fame”? (If you don’t, here’s a link to help refresh your memory.) It was a fun, exciting time, wasn’t it? Well, next week we will be unveiling the newest inductee. Can you even stand the suspense?

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In Praise of Employee Recognition Programs

With Employee Recognition Day coming up on Friday, we’d like to recommend this great article posted at‘s Workspan Weekly on how to maintain a meaningful recognition program even in these trying economic times: “Revving Up Your Recognition Program During a Recession” by By Tyler Gentry, and Linda Vossen We whole-heartedly believe in employee recognition…

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Our 29Cooks team-building event was DELICIOUS!

Yesterday’s special cooking party at 29Cooks in Emmaus, Pennsylvania, was the most delicious team building we have ever done. We cooked in groups, where we learned about creative teamwork and problem-solving skills as we prepared various dishes. Then we got to sit down together for a collaborative feast. 29Cooks was a winner on Food Network’s…

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Meeting madness: Avoid this common mistake for more productive team gatherings.

They say timing is everything. Well, whomever “they” are, it seems like those folks are on to something when it comes to meetings. That’s according to a recent Inc. article we read called “6 Alarming Trends in Modern Meetings” that was published online last September. Apparently, the modern scheduling trend of making meetings late in…

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